Postal Code & Geo Widget-Really Neat but Maybe a Tweak???

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    Asked on February 17, 2016 at 03:06 PM

    We would like filling in one's address to be quick AND accurate. 

    I want to avoid folks being asked to disclose their location. That leaves two options for easy address entry:

    Postal Code Search or Geo Complete. Neither one is yet perfect for our use (and I suspect for many others as well...)

    I have been testing both.

    Geo found the address perfectly...but did not allow for suites that exist at that address

    Postal code works but is confusing and does not provide state info. 

    Postal Code Search Widget Suggestion:

    1. Ask for Postal Code which then returns City and State. 

    2. Allow for default country. We only service the USA. We have set the country selector to USA but the form filler must still select the only choice available...not cool.

    Geo Complete Suggestion:

    I did decide to use Geo and added a text field for folks to add Apt. / Suite / Floor info. USPS databases do tell us that an apartment etc. may be required for this address. Adding such a logic rule (if address returned is not 100%, show text field for apt. etc.) would be great.

    Thanks for all your GREAT tools. These widget are the best on the internet...keep it up guys!



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    Answered on February 17, 2016 at 07:58 PM

    In regards to the Code Search Widget, I'm not sure if I did understand your request. Currently if you set a default country it will be the only one, when you enter the postal code then it returns the city.

    It seems to be the functionality that you are requesting, do let me know if I'm correct in my understanding about it.

    In regards to the second widget, I understand that you want to have the ability to add a text field, where if the address returned is not 100% then the field should be shown in order to get this info : Apt. / Suite / Floor .

    Do let me know if I understood correctly as well, if so, then we should escalate it, but in a different thread.

    We need to understand correctly what you are requesting, since we appreciate your opinion about the current functionality about our widgets, and if we understand what you are requesting then it will help us to improve the widgets, this is really helpful.

    I would also like to share you this link, you may test them and see if one of them accomplish what you need: