Inventory Widget: Why the widget stops working suddenly?

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    Asked on March 01, 2016 at 11:19 AM

    Here's my form:

    Webpage it lives on:


    The Inventory widget has been working fine, people have been been using buying tickets with it. But a few minutes ago it just stopped loading, in the form builder and on the website. What could be causing this?


    Much thanks.


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    Answered on March 01, 2016 at 11:25 AM

    To my eternal shame, it has popped back up! Maybe just a quick server issue!

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    Answered on March 01, 2016 at 12:31 PM

    I've checked the form now and the inventory widget is loading fine without any issue. It could be a temporary and quick issue with the server that might have caused it. We appreciate your patience and understanding in this regard and glad that you have reported the issue.

    Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you need any further assistance. We will be happy to help. Thank you for using JotForm!! 


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    Answered on March 03, 2016 at 04:06 PM

    It's down again. What's causing this?

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    Answered on March 03, 2016 at 05:43 PM

    Hello Tim,

    I just checked your website and it is loading normally:

    Did you experience the same problem like before, since I'm not able to reproduce your problem now? It could be some network glitch in that moment.

    I'll try to investigate more in the meantime and get back to you.

    We're very sorry for this inconvenience.

    Thank you for your patience.


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    Answered on March 03, 2016 at 05:44 PM

    That's just because I had to remove the inventory widget and replace it with generic drop down boxes. I think you should remove or fix the Inventory widget because it has completely crashed on me twice, for half hour spans.

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    Answered on March 03, 2016 at 08:00 PM

    Yes, I see that you have removed the widget from your form. Now, I have added the widget on one of my forms and it is working, please take a look here:

    Could you please try again on your form? 

    Also, let me know if the widget on my form is working for you.