Custom Reply-to Address based on a dropdown list on the form

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    Asked on March 03, 2016 at 08:55 PM
    Dear Jotform, we have a form on our site. The form works properly but we need to make some modification. On our current version, when we get the email notification, the Reply-to section set to 'no-reply' email address. We want to do something different here. We want to change the 'Your Name' section on that form into a drop down list. For example: Your Name -> Tony Starks -> then Reply-to is set to Your Name -> Hulk -> then Reply-to is set hulk@avenger.comIs it possible to do that? Because that form is an internal form, so we will define 'Your Name' section as our staff's name.Thanks for your help.Cheers, Hendra
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    Answered on March 04, 2016 at 01:43 AM

    Instead of using the name, you can perhaps add another dropdown field called Reply To. Then simply input all the emails in that dropdown field so that the field can easily be referenced in the emails settings.

    On your email settings, you can now select the "Reply To" field as the Reply-to Email.

    Here's a demo of the form so you can see it in action: 

    Otherwise, if you want to use Your Name as a dropdown field, then you will still need to add a textbox and use conditions to populate that textbox field with a certain email address whenever a name is selected in the dropdown field.

    Here's a demo of the Your Name used as a dropdown field: 

    You can clone it to your account if you want: How to Clone an Existing Form from a URL