Processing Data from Forms to Excel

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    Asked on March 22, 2016 at 06:34 AM


    I realise that this might be outside the scope of support you offer but perhaps you could point me in the right direction.

    I have a psychotherapy practice and have turned all my client psychometric assessment forms into Jotform forms. This has made my workload considerably lighter and my clients prefer this.It also projects a professional appearance.

    Just one problem and its mine, not yours. 

    I have to process the forms when they arrive. Most are multichoice options. several of my main assessments are quite large, 30 to 70 questions and they have several different categories of questions as well as reverse scales and random placement. The idea is that the respondee does not spot a pattern in the question. Have a look at this one as an example:

    Here's what I would love to happen:

       1. Client fills in form

       2. Jotform sends data to excel or another spreadsheet.

       3. Now, the clever bit, spreadsheet processes the data and attaches a score to each answer and provides a score for each category. In       the form above there are 15 categories and about 70 questions. 13 of these categories contain data and about 10 of them need               scoring to show if client has reached cutoff point. 

       4. Jotform sends data to Dropbox, as presently it does

       5. I get email from system stating main category or tab heading and aggregated score.

       6. I would also get raw data, as I do currently.

    Hope this makes sense. I have a blind spot concerning spreadsheets and happy to pay for this, if neccessary although if I have clear instructions, I could possibly do this myself,

    Many thanks


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    Answered on March 22, 2016 at 09:24 AM

    Hi Brian,

    If we start with the easy part you can integrate your form with the Google Spreadsheet to send the submissions' data to your Google account in excel format.

    For the tricky part, you can use "Form Calculation" field to evaluate the score with respect to the user's choice. It allows to the users to give number to the options for the field types from the below:

    1. Radio Button

    2. Checkbox

    3. TextBox

    4. Dropdown

    5. Text Area


    To do that, add the "Form Calculation" field and name it like "total" and also, you can hide this one if you don't want to spoil the score to your users. Below, you will find the useful guide about how to use this widget:


    With that way, your score will be calculated before spreadsheet, then with the "Notification" you will receive the email with the score; but please, don't forget to edit "total" field to your email template.

    Please, check it from the below:


    In addition, you can divide the total in by adding more "Form Calculation" and you need to set the related fields' value to them with the method mentioned in the guide. For further asisstance, please do let us know.