Changes made inside of Form Designer are affecting on fields inside of Form Builder in IE

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    Asked on May 11, 2016 at 01:37 PM
    Can somebody explain to me WHY when I go to Design and change the say the colour of do any changes on the form and return to Builder I find myself with all these issues i.e. current date setting missing, payment fields goes missing...That means each time I use Design I need to insert these missing fields again. Is this a bug or what? So far nobody can explain why this is happening?
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    Answered on May 11, 2016 at 01:54 PM

    I think that current date was missing and that payment field was missing because you reverted your form back to previous version. They were probably not set on previous version of your form.

    I have also made some changes inside of Form designer on my cloned form, but I was not able to replicate mentioned issue. I have change color of all elements but non of the field were missing inside of Form Builder. Form is working same as before. 

    If this issue is still happening on your form, please provide us more details about changes you made inside of Form designer and how that affected on your form inside of Form Builder. Also if possible, please provide us a screenshots of your issue. 

    Looking forward to your reply. 

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    Answered on May 13, 2016 at 10:42 AM


    Pls forward this to BJoanna or Kiran as they are aware of this problem I have and they have asked to recreate the situation. Please do not jump in and attend to this otherwise I will have to repeat explaining again and again. This is my 3rd time explaining....


    Here it goes:

    The Form I am using for this test: Customer Response Form (Test)

    Browser: IE running with windows 8.1 Pro


    I restored my form from history and it looks like it was 3 months ago. See below 





    I launch Designer and started changing some colours to form, background colour, text colour, input background colour etc...The form looks like shown below IN DESIGNER. All looks the same as in Step-1 only difference are the colors




    I return to BUILDER and the form has a totally different view see below. It has the colours that I changed while I was in Designer BUT look at the length of each input box it has taken the width of the form. It has not the same view as in Step-1 before I started or in Step-2 while I was in DESIGNER. My question is why is this happening. Each time I changed something in Designer for ANY form and return to Builder my form takes a different view!!!!!!




    I then return to DESIGNER to see if there is a change. The view in Designer for the same form is exactly as I started in Step-1 except for the colours which is correct. See below 




    I returned to Builder to check again...still the same as in Step-3...totally changed. Now can you understand what I am complaining about in my numerous emails and I keep getting answers from your end that you cannot replicate the situation at your end. Now I have given you screen shots for the second time can you please help to resolve why is this happening to me at my end. I have stopped using DESIGNER for any changes until I get this sorted out.




    I revert the changes of my form from history back as shown in Step-1 for you to test again at your end. Hope to get some solution to this issue.











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    Answered on May 13, 2016 at 11:52 AM

    I have Internet Explorer 8 on my laptop, but is seems that Form Builder in not supported in IE 8 and below. I have asked my colleague KadeJM to test your issue on IE 11. He was not able to replicate mentioned issue. Which version of IE are you using? You can try to update IE to latest version to see if that will resolve your issue. 

    I also did test inside of Google Chrome, but I was not able to replicate mentioned issue. My form is looking exactly the same inside of Form Builder and inside of Form Designer. 


    We recommend using of Goggle Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Can you please try with one of those browsers? Also see how your form looks like when you preview it.

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    Answered on May 13, 2016 at 12:04 PM

    My colleague inform me that after few more tests he was able to replicate mentioned issue. 

    However the live form shows correctly. 

    I will raise this issue to our developer and we will inform you via this thread once this issue is resolved. 

    For now I would suggest you to use Goggle Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Also live form is not affected, so the form will look correctly for you users.

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    Answered on May 21, 2016 at 06:45 PM

    Ticket that I reported to our developers was cancelled. Our manager informed me that Form Builder is not optimized to work inside of Internet Explorer. However form will work inside of IE 8+. I would suggest you to a use either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox when you are creating your forms.

    Considering that issue on this thread was about issues inside of Form Builder in IE, please open new thread about your issue in Safari. Also, if possible please provide us a screenshot of your issue.