Can We Create JotForm but Ensure Embeded Code makes reference/linkages Only to my Server

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    Asked on May 20, 2016 at 11:17 PM



    I realise that Jotform embeded code within an external company's  website html's page links up with  Jotform website.


    what happens if security Policy does not allow linkage with Jotform website?

    Can I create the form using Jotform interface, get the embeded code  - but the embeded code should have  no linkages with Jotform?    Effectively, I get Jotform just to create the webForm using drag and drop and Total Control after that resides on External Company's premises that has MySql and PHP server running.


    Is it  possible? How much does this Interface Package cost?

    That means Jotform would have no control or visibility of the data - purely it is functioning as drag-and-drop WebForm Builder that creates a Webform Embedded code.  But this Embedded code has linkages only with my Organization's Website Server.

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    Answered on May 21, 2016 at 12:01 AM

    When you create a form and get the embed code it makes reference to our servers, there are a lot of resources that a form needs to work that are hosted in our servers, if you only are looking for images hosted in your serve, then it does not matter, you are able to add them to your form and they will load using the links to your server only. 

    If you have a security policy that does not allow external links, then you will need to white-list or add links to JotForm to your filter, otherwise your form may not work. 

    I would suggest you to create your form and get the source code to check and find the links to JotForm that it will use.