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    Asked on May 28, 2016 at 09:35 AM

    Hi Jot Form

    First of all, I am a big jotform fan - for me as a designer you provide an absolutely brilliant tool, keep up the great work.

    I made a registration form in jotform for a school which we have been using for years now.  It was quite a task as its very extensive, lots of conditionals.

    Now my client at the school, has told a friend of her's who also runs a school, and she would like to have her own version of this form! They love it.

    So Ive now set up this new account. But rather than build from scratch is there a way I can copy this form to this new user account. It would save me many hours.

    I see there is an option to share a template - now how does that work. Can I share just for the time I need to copy this across and then switch off sharing? Thats not the intended use of this option i understand, but perhaps its the only way.


    Any suggestions? Advice welcome.


    Many thanks



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    Answered on May 28, 2016 at 10:33 AM

    Hello Paul,

    If you would like to share the form to be copied to another account, you can allow your form to be copied by:

    1. Make sure that you have on your account settings, the privacy unchecked

    2. Provide the link to the form to the other user who would like to copy your form. Example:

    3. The other account can then follow the steps from this user guide in order to copy a form via the link to the form:

    Feel free to let us know if you have other questions or if you need assistance.