form font probelms

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    Asked on May 31, 2016 at 03:52 AM

    please help!

    on my form that I am working on now here:

    I cant get the fotn and sizing right. i want open sans like :


    I want it to look like the form font and sizing on this form I made:

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    Answered on May 31, 2016 at 04:32 AM

    I am currently checking your form. Please allow me to further check your form. I will get back to you once I have the custom CSS code to change your form's font and size. 

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    Answered on May 31, 2016 at 04:50 AM

    To change the font and size of your form the same with your other form, please follow the instructions below:

    1. In Form Builder, click on the Designer icon to go to Form Designer.

    2. Go to CSS and add the following CSS code on the first line of custom CSS codes.

    @import " Sans:light,lightitalic,normal,italic,bold,bolditalic";

    3. Also add the following CSS code at the end.

    .form-label {

        font-family: "open sans" !important;

        font-size: 13px !important;



    .form-checkbox-item label {

        font-family: "open sans" !important;

        font-size: 12px !important;


    4. Ensure to save all your form changes.


    Do let us know if you need further assistance.