You left out a coupla things in your conditional logic section...

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    Christopher Burke 
    Asked on June 08, 2016 at 05:14 AM

    Dear Jotform.

    Yup - me again - the dork who can't use CSS to KEEP things positioned where he wants to (if nobody remembers that fiasco, it's not exactly something I wanna remember either, am learning CSS even as I type this!)

    You've left a coupla biggies out of your Conditional Logic section - 'Is Greater Than' and 'Is Lesser Than.'  Which MEANS you can't currently do things like the following:-


    Enter Age...


    If Field 'Enter Age' is Greater Than 21 Show Field 'You Can Drink Here'.  Else Show Field 'You Can't Drink Here'.

    You REALLY need an 'ELSE' condition when you want to show different fields in the same spot.  Without it, BOTH fields would show if you were over 21 because there's nothing to STOP the second field from showing.  Of course you could use the 'Is Lesser Than' field to say 'If Field 'Enter Age' is LESSER than 21 Then Show Field 'You Can't Drink Here'.  Ideally, at that point, you'd need a co-ordinates bit (GOD how this system could use an 'entering field SIZE and entering field CO-ORDINATES coupla commands, just for positioning stuff WITHOUT having to use CSS!)to make sure the fields appeared at the right place (why? I've got a funny feeling that if you couldn't make the fields overprint eachother, if you got the 'You Can't Drink Here' bit coming up and went back and changed your age, you'd end up with BOTH fields showing!)

    But for sure you need the GREATER THAN/LESSER THAN bits in the IF/THEN/ELSE part of the conditional fields section. Which means you'd need to be able to declare a field as numeric at some point.  Which begs the question - 'why can't you define field types' - I know you say TEXT box but as far as I can see there's nothing saying NUMBERS ONLY anywhere so you can't define a field as numeric to use in the GREATER THAN/LESSER THAN bit. (I also know you can use Greater Than/Lesser Than on words but that means defining whether or not you're using ASCII or EBCDIC when you start off so the system can determine the word value! 


    Please, can we have co-ordinates and Greater Than/Lesser Than conditions at some point?


    Yours hopefully




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    Answered on June 08, 2016 at 08:48 AM


    I am currently analyzing and creating a demo form to depict what you specified. I will be back once done.

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    Answered on June 08, 2016 at 09:02 AM


    As far as I understand, you want to have  a numeric field which will be the basis of your condition to hide/show some fields. In that case, you can use the Number field. Please see below.

    This field is different from the Textbox field as it only accepts numeric values. With this field, you can have "greater than/less than" in your conditions. In the example you have given above wherein you want to show "You CAN drink here" if the age is greater 21 and display "You CAN'T drink here" otherwise, it can be achieve as follows.



    Below is the result of such setup.

    You can take a look at my form and clone it. Please see How to clone an existing form from a URL.