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    Asked on June 08, 2016 at 09:15 AM

    Hi, I have just created a small website for Martin Jones: - email:

    Xara Web Designer 10 Premium was used to create the site and we decided to use JotForm for the contact form.

    When Martin signed up to JotForm, the free version showed 'submissions' - now we understand it to be 'form views'.

    Because of problems integrating the form into Xara, many hours were spent trying to resolve the issue. When using the 'Platform' tab - and 'Xara' - to publish, the bottom of the form did not show.

    Despite dragging the handles to increase the height and increasing the height of the page it still did not show the submission button or the bottom part of the captcha.

    I tried using the 'embed' facility on your website. This brought in the form correctly but when previewed would only show in 1 of the 3 variants.

    I ticked the 'responsive' box on your site but this brought in a slightly different looking form - and with a white background.

    Much time was spent trying to match the form background to the website background.

    Having looked for solutions to the 'height' problem I eventually found one that worked. (changing the height in the code in Xara)

    As you can imagine, many, many previews were necessary to check if the form was working correctly.

    After spending all this time to provide a contact form for Martin Jones I am gutted to find that you are now using 'form views' and that after the site has only been on line a matter of days, an email has been received from you stating that there have been 902 form views out of a maximum of 1,000 for this month.

    This is extremely disappointing.

    Can you please respond to me:

    Allan Jones



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    Answered on June 08, 2016 at 10:53 AM


    We apologize for the inconvenience and we understand that the new form view limit might be sudden. I checked your account and you are currently in Free plan with 1000-form-view limit. You currently have 906 form views which means you still have a remaining 94 form views to consume. This 1000-form-view limit for Free users was set by JotForm to provide enough opportunity for Free users to test the features of JotForm. If you feel, you need more than 1000 form views per month, please consider upgrading your account to meet your needs. Please also see Announcing Pricing Modification: Form View Limits for more details.