Group A pays X, Group B pays Y. How can I set that up?

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    Asked on March 20, 2012 at 11:20 AM

    I have two price lists for event sign up. Group A is $10, Group B is $20.

    I've been fiddling with conditions but just can't figure out how to manage this, especially since I think JF only allows one payment section per form. Should I create a separate Group B form that users get pushed to when asked what group they are in? If so, how do I make that happen?

    Are there any other solutions out there that I'm missing? I saw something about modifying Thank you pages but that seems like a weak workaround, but I guess I'll try that next.

    Thank you!


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    Answered on March 20, 2012 at 12:01 PM

    Hi John,

    If the Total of XY is not an important part (because Jotform could not compute yet values), you can achieved this by creating at least 3 Forms  (1 Main form, 1 Pays X Form, 1 Pays Y Form). You need Form X and Y because you can put only 1 Payment tool in a Form.(so you make 2 separate). Now, the Main Form can have a Selection field(Group A, Group B). When A is selected, Pay X Form gets called. When B is selected, Pay Y form gets called. Check this form, it calls 3 Forms base on 3 selections.

    Hope this help. Should you require further assistance, please contact us.