Not Getting Form Data (added to Bounce List again and again and again)

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    Asked on June 26, 2016 at 11:01 AM

    This is a serious problem with JotForm and I can't believe I'm the only one that has it.

    Two of the email addresses that should be getting notifications were added to the bounce list this week and did not get the form data notifications. We knew something was wrong because we get 5-6 inquiries a day and Thursday nothing.

    I've had this problem before and the response doesn't resolve this. The problem is something keeps adding these email addresses to the bounce list in JotForm (or Amazon Web Services, which I believe you process through). 

    There is absolutely NO reason any of the email addresses we are using should be put on a bounce list. They are all legitimate email addresses. They absolutely work.

    JotForm isn't practical to use if I have to check if an email address is on YOUR bounce list everyday, or every hour.

    This is a big problem, again, and I'm experiencing it on all of my client's JotForm accounts. I recommended using JotForm, now I look stupid because it doesn't work.

    Seems to me the problem is AWS putting legitimate email addresses on a bounce list.

    The fix shouldn't be on my side of things - again, my email addresses are 100% valid. As far as I'm concerned, this is a problem with JotForm, not on my side of things. JotForm (or AWS) is incorrectly putting things on a bounce list.





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    Answered on June 26, 2016 at 11:12 AM

    We use Amazon SES method for "" sender, if you are using it as your sender, you may white-list our domain names to prevent bouncing issues:








    If or are not being setup as the Sender E-mail, you need to white-list our Jotmail IP addresses within your email server (or ask for it to your email service provider). Read this article for more details: 

    Let us know if you need more help.



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    Answered on June 26, 2016 at 01:21 PM

    Sounds about like my issues!

    Have you found an answer?

    See my messages too.


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    Answered on June 27, 2016 at 11:39 AM

    You are not the only one. It started a few months ago and now I'm constantly having to check the bounce list because my emails are doing the same thing. They have given me things to do about white list but it still happens. I'm at a lost and actually just thinking about moving to a different form company because Jotform is no help in it. 


    I want to know what changed that this just started now and what is Jotform going to do to fix it because saying the same thing over and over about whitelist is obviously not working

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    Answered on June 27, 2016 at 01:00 PM

    Sorry to hear about the issue you are experiencing, so I would like to first clarify what a bounce list is and what it means when an address ends up on a bounce list.

    When emails are bouncing, it means that the recipient server refused to accept our emails - they "bounced" our email. There are many kinds of bounces (rejection reasons). Technicians usually refer to them as "hard" bounces and "soft" bounces.

    Bounce reasons that state "this message can never be delivered, don't even attempt sending it again" is what is usually referred to as a hard bounce, and our servers will stop trying to send an email immediately if we receive a hard bounce from the recipient.

    Bounce reasons that say "I couldn't accept this email because of some transient error, such as user's mailbox may be full" are usually referred to as a soft bounce. When we receive a soft bounce, we will attempt sending more emails, and if they are all still being bounced, the recipient will only then be placed on the bounce list.

    Depending on the kind of rejection the recipient provides, our emails will either stop sending to that recipient after the first (hard) rejection, or after multiple (soft) repeated rejections. In either case, it is always the recipient server who is refusing emails - it is not something that is being caused from our (sender) side.

    In each of your respective threads, our colleagues provided the exact error message (bounce reason) that your own servers provided when they were rejecting our emails.

    @antiquecentre, in your case, the rejection message your server provided was this:

    smtp; 550-Verification failed for <>

    @crenshaws, in your case, and in your other case, your server refused our emails with the following rejection reason, which clearly states it is a policy on your server that is preventing our emails from being delivered:

    smtp; 554 5.7.9 Message not accepted for policy reasons.

    @atelieresthetique813, in your case with the Gmail address, Gmail provided a hard bounce when one of your users used an address to submit your form. Your form was set up to use user's email address for notifications you are receiving, but Gmail no longer permits any emails that appear to be coming from AOL, Yahoo, and similar unless they are truly sent from those services. For reference, this was the bounce message:

    smtp; 550-5.7.1 Unauthenticated email from is not [...]

    In every case, recipient servers were refusing to accept our emails, and each of your servers have been refusing them for different reasons.

    For antiquecentre and crenshaws, as has been suggested in your dedicated support threads, please make sure to whitelist our sender addresses:

    This is because your servers are otherwise set up in such a way that they are refusing to accept our emails. Your server may be using a spam list, filter list, or anything like that. It is best to contact your IT department so they can properly whitelist our sender addresses and IPs in your server.

    For atelieresthetique813, please use one of our noreply sender email options, such as or, so that emails do not seem like they are coming from somewhere else. Simply put, please make sure your notifications are set up in the following manner:

    Since each case is different, as can be seen from different bounce reasons provided by each server, in case any of you experience further troubles with your emails being bounced, please post on your own respective threads and we will be happy to examine it further and assist you.

    Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.