Widget News #30 - The Google reCaptcha Widget and other updates!

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    Asked on July 05, 2016 at 08:33 AM

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    Hello folks!

    Summer is here. Time to get outside and dabble in new and exciting pursuits. Rock-climbing? White water rafting? Jumping into a new Netflix series without watching the trailer? Live on the wild side!

    Here at JotForm, we cheer on the adventurous spirit by automating many of your business processes. With interactive and powerful online forms for collecting and managing data, you can rest easy.

    However, with all the automation in place, we are aware of the dangers that lurk in the internet jungle. We are here to protect your online forms and data. One of the ways in which we do this is with a powerful form field: the Google® reCaptcha widget.


    One of Google’s latest innovations, it prevents bots and spammers from making a mess of the data you are collecting via your online form.

    This means that your form remains protected, and your data even more reliable.


    See it in action here.



    This week’s updates:

    Button Radios (1).png

    These buttons look great on a form, highly customizable and user friendly.

    We’ve fixed the buttons to work on secure forms. Check out the button radios widget here.



    Hidden box.png

    This hidden box collects browser and operating system information from your form users.

    We have updated it to work with Internet Explorer 9+. Try out the hidden box widget here.

    Quickly add all the world currencies on your form, organized alphabetically in a dropdown picker.

    We’ve updated the widget to work with secure forms. Check out the currency picker here.

    Add a countdown on your form to count down to that important moment!

    We’ve made the countdown timer fully mobile responsive and fully customizable via CSS. Check out the day countdown widget here.


    This smart widget allows your users to select and unselect values from a dropdown list.

    It is now completely revamped and refactored with a clean, responsive UI. Give the asmSelect widget a spin here.


    Get your form user’s location using their IP address.

    We’ve made a few bug fixes restoring normal operation. Test the get visitor location widget here.

    Organize your form fields by adding a form separator.  

    We made a bug fix update that allows flexible customizability in the form builder. See the form separators widget in action here.




    Your users can pick colors easily with this widget. We’ve enabled manual entry of hex color values. Try out the advanced picker widget here.

    JotForm’s Widgets Team is committed to creating and maintaining powerful widget functionality you can use to supercharge your forms.

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    Till next time. :-)


    The JotForm Widgets Team


    Google reCaptcha is a trademark of Google Inc.