password reset email does not come through

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    Asked on July 15, 2016 at 12:46 PM


    Over the last 2 days i have been trying to login to make some adjustments on a form we created.  We have a user name and we have a password, and we were utilizing a form for a youth arts registration on a website, however since early July we no longer receive notifications when people use the online form and we have a few anxious parents asking why we are not connecting back.  Earlier this week we tried to connect, but needed to reset our password. As the password requires sending something to our email and as we are not receiving emails, we can not reset to access our account/form. 

    I have made a few inquiries over the last couple days, however the recommendations back as to how to fix issues requires that i login to my account... but i can't do so without a password.  And to clarify, what i thought was a password isn't working (and my paperwork where i wrote it down has gone missing - this is a rarity for us, but it happened).

    We have checked all our spam folders and there is nothing on our side indicating that they are bouncing back to you or that we are not receiving emails.

    We just require a simple way to update the account. Can you reset our password? Can you send us the password?

    We receive other emails from jotform promoting what is new with your services.

    We would really appreciate some form of assistance on this.  I am willing to make any changes necessary to our account - however i need to access it first and require a password.

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    Answered on July 15, 2016 at 01:20 PM

    I was unable to find any forms associated with your account.  If you wouldn't mind providing the URL of the page your form is embedded to, we will be happy to have a look at the notifications to see what is causing them not to arrive.  We can also assist you with restoring access to the account.