When I have my pages open in Dream Weaver does it cause form views?

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    Asked on July 15, 2016 at 03:18 PM

    My IP address is showing hundreds of times on my analytics and I have not visited the site with the forms at all today but am editing my pages in Dream Weaver. Does that created form views. I am using the embedded code and not the Iframe.


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    Answered on July 15, 2016 at 05:48 PM

    If the Dreamweaver is generating some sort of the page preview, then yes it is most likely that such previews will be counted as form views. However, it sounds like something is not right, it should not generate hundreds and thousands of the views. We do not receive similar reports from other users.

    I have updated your second thread:

    Form views increasing from a single IP address

    Thank you.