Cannot reduce height of radio button response & selected line yellow background

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    Asked on August 13, 2016 at 08:55 AM


    Radio button box height

    fields #input_29_0, #input_29_1

    The  box containing the Yes and No buttons is around 10px 'deeper' than the question box ("Select Yes or No") when previewed in full screen mode (it also seems excessively wide, but I can live with that).

    I have tried reducing the height in pixels but it makes no differece (perhaps it is padding?).

    Also, if you select Yes, the following fields Your email address and telephone number are very slightly oversize but I can live with that too, although, for some reason, Method of payment is perfect.

    Selected line shows yellow background

    Also, I have just started getting a yellow background when selecting a line.  I have injected the following code into my CSS, as advised on your site, but the yellow background is still showing.

    .form-line-active {
        background : none;


    Many thanks.

    Dee Cox


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    Answered on August 13, 2016 at 12:31 PM

    Hey Dee, since your questions fall into two different topics, I have moved the other one on this thread and we'll have it addressed there shortly.

    You guessed it right :) You'd have to adjust the padding of the container that houses the radio buttons. I'm seeing you already have some CSS codes in place so I'm assuming you know how to inject them to your form.

    Just use the following CSS to fix the:

    1. Excess padding on the Radio button with YES or NO question

    #cid_29 {

       padding-bottom: 0px;


    2. Excess padding for the email and phone fields

    #cid_30, #cid_31 {

       padding: 8px;




    Give it a whirl and let us know if it worked or not.