The limit of characters, and radio button default selection does not work in mobile devices.

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    Asked on August 14, 2016 at 12:17 PM

    I've been trying to create functioning forms for mobile use with JotForm for, I'm guessing, 3 to 4 years now.


    It almost NEVER works properly. I would actually purchase a subscription (and I have purchased one but then allowed it to expire) except JotForm almost NEVER works properly on mobile platforms.


    I just created yet another form (probably the 200th attempt since I began trying to use JotForm), wherein this particular form limits the number of characters in a number input field in the desktop browser BUT the number of characters allowed to be placed in the very same number input field using a mobile browser is UNLIMITED. :( :( :(


    Initially, a radio button field that should have one option selected by default had the proper selection when the forms loaded on the desktop browser BUT the form would load with the OPPOSITE and INCORRECT default selection on the mobile platform UNTIL I deleted all the other fields of the form and now it has changed its behavior to the proper default. :( :( :(


    It's EXTREMELY frustrating to spend a great deal of time developing a form only to find out that some other element of the form is causing a simple function to fail. Then I basically destroy the form to make one simple function work properly.


    This form doesn't even have any logic attached to it yet, which historically and typically seems to botch the form's functioning up even further.


    The desktop is Linux Ubuntu Studio 14.04 using either Firefox v 46.0 or Chromium (Chrome substitute) v 49.0.2623.108 Ubuntu 14.04. The mobile is Android Kit Kat v 4.4.2 and Google Chrome browser v 57.0.2704.81.


    I've linked to the crude version of the form that I have spent a great deal of my valuable time attempting to create below. DON'T TEST THIS ON A DESKTOP, test it on an Android with Chrome and you will see that IT DOES NOT WORK PROPERLY.


    If your response as typical, states that it's works for you as expected, then please explain to me why this is probably one in a series of a hundred attempts to create a usable form for the mobile environment that has had at least one, but usually several, functions fail. I'm really kind of over JotForm and wasting both my time, and in the past, money here.


    You guys ALMOST make it work right all the time but never REALLY get it to work correctly completely. I would love to purchase a subscription from you and actually develop usable forms to distribute but I NEVER can because I am unwilling to present defective product to the public. Please demonstrate to me why I should purchase your product and I will.


    Sadly, I'm looking for another tool to use. Please try to keep me with your product.






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    Answered on August 14, 2016 at 01:30 PM

    First of all, we appreciate your preference towards us. We are sorry to hear you have had bad experiences on mobile devices, and I can relate how frustrating it can be when you spent valuable time  on something, and things don't work as expected.

    I have reproduced the issue you mentioned directly from my mobile device using Chrome:

    I am forwarding this issue to our second level, also, I will include your feedback about the experience of the functionality in mobile device.

    You will be contacted via this thread by one of our developers.