Re question 923792 from 3rd September 2016

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    Asked on September 04, 2016 at 04:41 AM


    Hi, I can't seem to get back to the thread to respond to Kevin_G! It keeps bouncing me back to my forms. 

    Anyway, please thank Kevin for the reply - I have worked out what is causing the issue.

    I'm using Excel to open the csv.  The quotes are not visible when you look at the data at first, but if you copy and paste the content into Notepad you can see them.  I've realised that this is due to the person who is completing the form adding in a line break in a text area field.  (See for example 26-08-2016 10:59:38 entry under Agency name / company name / details)

    Now that I understand why it's happening, I'm not too worried about finding a solution because I always have to go back in and edit the submissions anyway as a sense check, because people will insist on not sticking to the guidance given for formatting of phone numbers etc.! ;-)  While I'm doing that, I will just remove any stray line breaks and this should solve the problem.

    Many thanks!

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    Answered on September 04, 2016 at 09:04 AM

    Thank you for letting us know that the issue is already resolved. :)

    On behalf of Kevin_G. You're welcome.

    If you have any other question, feel free to create a new thread. We'll be glad to assist you.