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    Asked on April 24, 2012 at 01:49 PM

    ENG :

    Hello I am customer French and I am very satisfied with services(departments) that to propose you. I would first of all like to know if we pouvon to use your logo on our site to advertise you, with your authorization.

    My the others question:

    1) Have you for purpose, to put a widget which allows the user who has we to send a message has to leave the form to receive a copy of the message which he has we to send or which he sees him(it) apparaitre in the message of thanking?

    2) For the widget " Reduire the form " have would have like being able to put an image in the place(square) of the text or putting an image or the text, in the choice, is you he(it) possible to make him(it) in the future?

    3) Have to think of you has that form is dynamic, that is a cross or an image to validate green appears has to quote(esteem) of fields according to the fact that the customer tucks. Thank you for your answer. Cordially


    Bonjour je suis client français et je suis très satisfait des services que vous proposer. Je souhaiterais tout d'abord savoir si nous pouvon utiliser votre logo sur notre site pour vous faire de la publicité, avec votre autorisation.
    Mon autres question :
    1) Avez vous pour but, de mettre un widget qui permette à l'utilisateur qui nous a envoyer un message a partir du formulaire de recevoir une copie du message qu'il nous a adresser ou qu'il le voit apparaitre dans le message de remerciement ?
    2) Pour le widget "Reduire le formulaire" ont aurais aimer pouvoir mettre une image à la place du texte ou mettre une image ou le texte, au choix, est t'il possible de le faire à l'avenir ?
    3) Avez vous songer a ce que les formulaire soit dynamique, c'est à dire qu'une croix ou une image valider verte apparaisse a coter du champs suivant ce que le client remplis.

    Merci de vos réponse.


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    Answered on April 24, 2012 at 06:46 PM
    @ Lignelgbt
     Thank you for your message
    I will try to answer some of your questions in grey

    "Hello I am French customer and I am very satisfied with the services you offer. I would first like to know if We Can use your logo on our site for youto advertise with your permission.

    It would be great if you send an email to with attention to Aytekin Tank so he will gladly provide you with further details

    1) Have you intended, to a widget that allows the user to send us a message from the form to receive a copy of the message he has sent us or see it appear in message thanks?

    I think you would like to set up an email notification in order to recieve an email after an user has submitted his data, kindly check this guide in order to accomplish that

    You may also want to set up an autoresponder to notify your customer that you have recieved his submission, click here to learn more

    Regarding to the Thank You, you can also either customize your message by choosing the "Thank you message"  option or redirect it to your own website or any other URL. Please check this link

    How to redirect a thank you page after Submission


    2) For the widget "Reduce form" would have loved to put an image instead of text or save an image or text, the choice, it is you can do in the future

    3) Do you think that the form has to be dynamic, ie a cross or image appears to validate green quoting of fields depending on what the customer satisfied.

    You can definetly use an image form instead of text ,if that is what you need, follow the following guide:

    1.Choose Iimage from the Power Tools menu, drag and drop it into yourform

    2. Click on the wizard and choose Upload Image File


    3. Choose your image   


    4. Click on the properties button and choose Show Properties



    From there you can setup a link to redirect to another page


    Hope these explanations answers your inquiries 


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    Answered on July 20, 2012 at 12:51 AM

    ok. revisando. gracias por el aporte.

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    Answered on July 20, 2012 at 12:59 AM

    Un gusto!

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    Answered on July 20, 2012 at 01:51 AM

    igualmente! muy amable XD