How can I pass a calculation to Stripe?

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    Asked on October 11, 2016 at 02:50 PM


    I am using the Stripe payment integration on all of my forms, and need to pass the total payment onto other outside integrations such as my CRM and autoresponders. I am looking for the output to be simply the total dollar amount and don't need the additional information passed on as Stripe captures that otherwise.  

    I am using the form calculation widget in an attempt to capture the amount from the Stripe payment tool. The challenge is that I am unable to get the payment widget to pass the final total to the calculator widget.

    An example form in question is

    How do I rectify this?




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    Answered on October 11, 2016 at 05:22 PM

    Hello that's achievable but you need to do this the other way around. The usual way of using our Form Calculation widget with Payment gateways is to pass the calculation value on to the payment field.

    As of now, your form was setup the other way around - You're planning to get the Payment Field to pass the data to the Calculation Field.

    Here's a short but detailed example on How-to-Pass-a-Calculation-to-a-Payment-Field 

    I cloned your form and made some modifications:

    1. I changed your Stripe integration settings. Payment Type has been changed to User Defined Amount and the Get Price From option will fetch the value from your Calculation Field.

    2. I added a Checkbox Field that shows the same option you previously had on your Stripe Payment gateway.

    3. Then modified your Calculation Field to get the result from that newly added Checkbox.

    Here's my test form so you can test and check it. I purposely showed the Calculation Field on my form so you can see it in real-time. You may also clone it, here's how, so you can see how it was setup.