After 23 hour working all updates were not changed

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    Asked on November 02, 2016 at 01:52 PM

    After 23 hour working all updates were not changed and lost all information and work done.


    Appear on Saving a process that never ends... this is not really nice when you involve time... this things are begin to thing about use this aplication in the futuru.


    PS: My internet conection is perfect as I am using internet as well while working with JotForm, and this is not first time happend


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    Answered on November 02, 2016 at 07:47 PM

    I have checked the changes history for your form and I can see the last changes applied were 4 hours ago. 

    However, I have tested your form and I'm not able to replicate the problem on my end, when I click on the save button the process finished. 

    Sometimes I have experienced the same on my end, but when I checked it was due to my session already finished so I logged in  again and it worked. 

    I would suggest you to do the same, if the problem happens again, please open a JotForm page in a new tab in the same browser, this way you will know if your session has expired, if this is the case then logging in should help you, then you could click on the save button again or the preview button, it will also trigger the save process.

    If the issue still persists even if you are properly logged in, please open the web console to see if there is any error that may be affecting the saving process, the shortcuts below will help you to get the console: 

    Google Chrome:

    Mac: Command + Option + J

    Windows: Control + Shift + J


    Windows: Ctrl+Shift+K

    Mac: Command+Option+K

    Share us a screenshot of the web browser with the web console opened so we can also see the error on our end. 

    We'll wait for your response.