Is it possible to limit to weekdays only?

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    Asked on November 03, 2016 at 08:21 PM

    Is it possible to limit to weekdays only? I disabled weekends, but I need the form to only allow them to choose a date that is 3 days from today. This works out great, except if they choose a Thursday, it lets them choose Monday. I'm thrilled to have this as an option so thanks for that!

    This is a re-post of a comment on How to Use the Date Limits Option

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    Answered on November 04, 2016 at 12:01 AM

    Hello @lvacademy, we'd like to better understand what exactly you need. You said you need the Date Field to do the following:

    1. Disallow weekends (meaning no one can pick Sun and Sat)

    2. The start date should be 3 days from today

    I created a test form but instead of 3 days from today, I've set it up as today+5

    And it works as intended (note that my local date right now is Nov 4, Fri):

    Is there anything wrong with how you're expecting it to work?

    Also, we can help you better if we know the form you're currently working on. Just get back to us with a bit more info, screenshots will be highly appreciated, along with the Form ID/URL so we can have a closer look.

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    Answered on June 08, 2017 at 11:16 AM

    If I tell it to disable weekends, but then set the Disable Date Ranges to




    Then it counts the weekends in the "+3" days. For instance, if it's currently Thursday they will be able to select Monday as the next available date.  But the next available date, excluding weekends, should be Tuesday.


    So how do you get the "Today+3" to NOT count the disabled weekends when figuring the +3?

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    Answered on June 08, 2017 at 12:59 PM

    @signsman: In order for us to assist you to properly, I have created a new thread for your question. Here's the link