Embedding individual Submissions

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    Asked on May 15, 2012 at 03:23 AM



    I love Jotform (already) and we are already submitting a lot of information into the forms to enable excellent presentation of information via reports etc. Furthermore, the workflow the forms enable are going to be a huge help. In my minds eye I can see it, it is just about getting there as fast as possible!


    One thing I would be really interested in though in the rendering of individual forms in web pages. I know I can embed editable forms (ie the enditable state) in a web page, however, this is not ideal and a workaround (albeit acceptable).


    What I would really like to do is one of the following:

    Render an individual form directly in a webpage IE Iframe or the like

    Automatically render the PDF that is a click away in a webpage (ie a dynamic PDF....prob far fetched)

    This is an ideal situation and not a show stopped but a a real 'nice to have'. 

    One other question (could be a workaround on the above):

    When I click on "Submissions", is there anyway I can get the report detailing submissions (at the bottom of the form) filtered (or the like) so that there are not large gaps between entries. This would mean a really succinct list rather than ine with an inch or 2 between submissions. This would work brilliantly as a work-around to negate the above (as my team would just click through the list esily)


    As per image attached. If I could make these report summarys one line thick that would be a huge help to people searching quickly for the info they require.

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    Answered on May 15, 2012 at 02:49 PM

    Jotform philosophy is to simplify the work of Webmasters.

    1- I am not sure if I understand your first question/suggestion "Render an individual form directly in a webpage IE Iframe or the like"   .Please check all the embedding methods we currently have available to embed a form.

    Ussually , when it comes to IE it is good to use either the javascript method (embed) or the iFrame method


    2-To my knowledge , a dynamic PDF is not possible as this moment

    3.- Regarding to the way the submissions are currently shown, a workaround would be to either create a grid report  or download the report into a CSV or EXCEL format. A grid report would allow your team members to see the submissions list online

    Best regards