How to integrate my form with google spreadsheet?

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    Asked on November 25, 2016 at 09:05 PM

    We work with artists and the casting of them.
    We want the main organizer to simply write a name down on our website, so he would submit a name in a form.
    We want this info to then automatically transfer into a list that tracks what we've done with it, meaning have we contacted them, if so what date, and what was their reply.
    For the organizers, we want to simplify life. They go to our site, add a name to a list and then check for updates as we move along.
    I hope this makes sense.
    Can you let me know how to make this happen.
    I am currently using Google sheets, which is embedded to my site. If I update google sheets, my site is automatically updated. I don't want to give the organizers access to google sheets, because the formulas in there is a lot of work and I don't want them to have it, so for protection, I want them to go to our site and add names there.
    I have not been able to find out how google sheets could be editable once embedded, only that is editable in sheets or google drive itself, which is what I don't want.
    So, that is why I am thinking if I can make a form, through jotform, with artist name and then a submit button, then I will be notified of a new artist, but instead of manually typing that into google sheets, I hope this step can be automatic.
    Thank you!

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    Answered on November 26, 2016 at 05:14 AM

    Thanks for contacting us.

    As I understood, you want to integrate your form with Google Spreadsheet. Please follow these steps:

    1. Click "Integrations" at the top the page on your form that you integrate.

    2. Choose "Google Spreadsheets Integration"

    3. Click the "Authenticate" button:

    Here is a guide helps to you:

    Please let us know, if you need any further assistance.