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    Asked on November 26, 2016 at 07:54 PM

    We (as a web design company) have been an avid user of Jotform for the last few years, recommending and thereafter implementing the service to our clients, and using it religiously with our own site.

    With the new payment system, we're obviously, very soon going to be forced into paying for the service as we have the need for different form types.

    To be honest, we've only used Jotform because it was free. There are many problems within the service such as:
    1. some of the visual designer styles don't apply to the forms properly
    2. some of the radio/checkboxes aren't consistent with web standards (square vs. circle)
    3. some of the radio/checkbox styles aren't applied to "other" categories
    4. there's no way to integrate our website's fonts into the forms unless we hack the code
    5. there's no way to create umbrella styles and then effectively apply those to new forms

    Truth be told, we are currently employing one of our developers to fix these things. Thereby, we're already "paying" for the service in some respect. If the app were more robustly built, we could offset those hours to paying Clients (some of which could possibly use Jotform). That would surely justify the monthly cost.

    I would like to know how you intend to improve the service as a result of this new payment tier. It'd be ideal to be able to make some of the above requests and get them taken care of in a timely manner.


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    Answered on November 26, 2016 at 11:32 PM

    You are partly correct, but Jotform is still free. We've made the adjustments in our pricing sets for a few reasons. For example, the form view limit changes are explained on this link: (Note, Jotform footer is not enabled for some accounts).

    Now, with regards to the issues that you've mentioned:

    1. There are reports like this, but there are also things to consider such as when the form is already using a theme. There are themes that have the !important declaration on its style so no matter what you do in the designer, your changes won't appear because of this. There are glitches, we admit that but our developers are already aware of those and hopefully, patches will be made soon. An example of this is when you change the input width, all elements will be affected and will incorrectly align the fields.

    2. I think you mean the custom styles of these fields, correct? If so, these are styles so I see nothing wrong with it. You can always change the styles based on your preference. If you mean different, then kindly add more details about it so we can check.

    3. This is correct, but we already have a ticket about this. I think I've provided someone a global CSS to fix this, I'll let you know when I found it.

    4. We have Google Fonts in placed, but aside from that, you need to import the font in the Custom CSS section. Unfortunately, that is all we can do since there are hundred of thousands of font families out there.

    5. I am no expert at this Umbrella style but searching about it, I think you can do this with Custom CSS in the form. If you need a help, let us know and we'll be happy to do this in your form. 


    We can also help you fix issues in your form. That is why we are here, just please let us know by posting to this support forum. This forum is monitored 24/7. 

    We have this so called Level 2 threads where issues are being reported and assigned to our developers. Our developers are like us, working every day to fix every known issue, adding new features and/or integrations in the form builder. We are committed, and doing our best to make Jotform a perfect fit for everyone. 

    Thank you for the feedback and let us know if you have any further inquiries.