Administration Approval Process Templates

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Stop spending time on administrative tasks and automate them instead with Jotform’s free Administration Approval Process Templates! Our readymade online approval flow templates let you collect contract approvals, timesheet approvals, and other approval requests and forward them to the right member of your organization automatically. Each approver will be able to respond to the request in a single click from any device, triggering an autoresponder email informing the person who filled out your form of the final decision. And with our easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder, you can quickly add extra approvers, personalize emails, merge branches, set up notifications, and more to make our Administration Approval Process Templates better match your company’s needs.

Document Approval Process Template

Enjoy an automated online approval process. Review and approve documents within your company. Easy to customize, set up notifications, send emails, and more.


Purchase Order Approval Template

Streamline purchase orders. Free automated approval template. Approve or deny purchase order requests fast. Assign approvers, add emails, and more. No coding.


Change Request Approval Process Template

Manage change requests for your team projects with ease. Free automated approval flow template. Add approvers, emails, conditions, and more. No coding.


Invoice Approval Template

Collect, review, and approve or deny invoices seamlessly from any device. Easy-to-customize automated online approval flow. Send notifications and autoresponders.


Contract Approval Process Template

Create an automated online contract approval process for your company. Add approval layers, send autoresponder emails, set up notifications, and more. Easy to customize.


Signup Approval Process Template

Approve or reject signups through your website automatically. Free automated approval flow template. Easy to customize and assign. No coding required.


Shift Hours Approval Process Template

Review and sign off on your employees’ timesheets on any device. Create an automated approval flow for your business. Set up notifications and autoresponders.

Project Management

Visitor Approval Process Template

Approve or deny visitor requests for your facility fast. Free automated approval flow template. Assign approvers via email. Send automated emails. No coding.


Safety Declaration Approval Process Template

Speed up the way you process safety checks for potential drivers. Great for taxi or delivery services. Easy-to-customize automated online approval flow. No coding.