Approval Templates for Education

10 Templates

Field Trip Request Approval Template

Manage field trip requests from teachers. Get requests and notifications instantly. Automate your approval flow. Send automated emails. No coding.


Facility Use Request Approval Template

Streamline facility use requests. Free automated approval template for event venues, schools, and more. Send automated confirmation or rejection emails. No coding.


Course Add Drop Approval Process Template

Streamline registration at your school. Free automated approval flow template for courses. Add approvers, emails, conditions, and more. No coding required.


College Admission Approval Process Template

Speed up your college’s admissions process for your prospective students with Jotform’s free College Admission Approval Process Template!


Tutor Application Approval Process Template

Find tutors fast with our free approval process flow template. Send automated email notifications. Easy to customize. Add approvers, steps, and more. No coding.


Extracurricular Class Registration Approval Template

Build an approval flow for your students’ extracurricular activity requests. Great for teachers and administrators. Accessible from all device types. No coding.


Student Project Approval Template

Approve or deny student project proposals quickly. Great for professors and TAs. Accessible from mobile, tablet, and desktop devices. No coding required.


Student Transportation Approval Template

Process student transportation requests for upcoming field trips. Customize your own approval flow. Works on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices. No coding.


Course Registration Approval Process Template

Process student course registrations with ease. Set up autoresponder emails, notifications, time limits, and more. Drag-and-drop customization. No coding required.


About Education

Every minute you save on menial tasks is a minute better spent with your students — so save time with Jotform’s free automated Approval Templates for Education! Whether you’re processing course registrations, facility use requests, or field trip requests, our templates automatically forward form submissions to the relevant employee at your school. Each approver can then approve or deny requests seamlessly from any device, triggering an autoresponder email informing the form-filler of your decision. If you’d like to customize one of our Approval Templates for Education, feel free to add more approvers, personalize emails, set up notifications and conditional branching, and more with our drag-and-drop builder!