Free Logistics Forms

Go paperless and create your own digital logistics forms for free with Jotform. Just drag and drop to build custom forms to help improve your company’s logistics and supply chain management process. Share your mobile-ready forms with users and instantly store their responses in your secure online account.


Free Logistics Form Templates

Don’t want to start from scratch? Choose from one of our readymade logistics form templates and customize it in seconds with our no-code Form Builder. Simply drag and drop to add or change form elements, upload your own branding, and more.

Delivery Note Form

Template 212842638149057
Template 212842638149057

Manufacturing Supply Chain Form

Template 211732867456059
Template 211732867456059

Logistics Inquiry Form

Template 211155900183043
Template 211155900183043


Automate your Logistics Processes

Collect Data Online

Ditch the paperwork and start collecting supply chain data online with Jotform’s powerful logistics forms. Create custom forms for each step in the supply chain — from manufacturing to delivery — and see how Jotform can help you increase productivity and streamline your logistics processes.

متوافق مع أي جهاز

All forms powered by Jotform are mobile-responsive by default, so users can access and fill out your logistics forms from any device — be it smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer.

من السهل مشاركته

Share your forms by embedding a link in your website, sending invitation emails, or by sharing the form link with others to begin collecting submissions right away.

تخزين وإدارة الردود

Form submissions are automatically synced and stored in your secure Jotform account. From there, you can organize and manage your responses in an easy-to-read spreadsheet using Jotform Tables, which offers table, calendar, and card views.


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أستخدم Jotform مع عدد من العملاء، لكن الاثنين الأكثر فائدة بالنسبة لهما هما مؤسسة خيرية طبية وشركة تدريب للتنس. تعجبني المرونة التي يوفرها Jotform لجمع معلومات التسجيل وإدارة سير العمل الناتج عن تغيير حالة طلبات العضوية. يساعد ذلك عملائي على تبسيط عملياتهم الإدارية والتحكم في تكاليفهم الإدارية.

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Creating an online form shouldn’t be difficult. Jotform’s intuitive online form builder lets anyone create forms in seconds, perfect for collecting registrations, applications, orders, and more. In just a couple of minutes, watch how easy it is to make your first form from scratch.

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