10 Free Beautiful Calligraphic Fonts

The word “calligraphy” is derived from two Greek words, denoting “beautiful writing”. Calligraphy or the art of writing has thousands of years in its history and development, and indeed calligraphy fonts, which we often use these days on our PCs to create a postcard or a wedding invitation card, are absolutely about aesthetics, refinement, creativity, and pure beauty.

Below is the selection of a dozen of calligraphy free fonts, you can easily download from the Internet and use for your own uniquely beautiful projects.

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Young Love ES

Young Love ES free font
Font by Font2U

Fine, tender, and delicate, this Young Love ES calligraphy free font is the demonstration of calligraphy in its traditional meaning. The font has vivid features of a handwriting script, so it will suit perfectly for personal messages, invitations, or greetings. Besides, it can be used for some art logo designs. The font is supplied with the impressive set of character maps supported, thus making this free font a very flexible tool, allowing the use of multiple specific language characters and symbols.

The King & Queen

The King & Queen is another Calligraphy font, available for free download online. This font has some traces of gothic or alternative style due to its grungy background. Besides, font designer used different line widths, which makes the font look more “manual” or “hand-written”. Some thorny lines and edges add specific chic to this free Calligraphy font; so, it is definitely recommended for designers, who like to experiment with fonts and are not afraid of mixing classic design with alternative shades.


Cygnet free font
Font by Urbanfonts

Clear, reserved, and appropriate – I would use those adjectives to describe Cygnet calligraphy font, which is also available for free download. The font looks pretty rounded but without those fancy curls, as we can see in other calligraphy fonts. Both lowercase and upper Roman characters are included in the Cygnet character map. Besides, it also contains a vast variety of additional characters, allowing the use of this font in alphabets with accented letters.

Liberate Wide Normal

Liberate Wide Normal free font
Font by Fonts2U

Designed by Bay Animation Inc., this script font features medium weight and expanded proportion. The font is supplied with different character maps to suit the needs of the most exacting designers, who want to use some peculiar characters and signs. Along with the Basic Latin character map, you will also receive Latin Supplement, Latin Extended, General Punctuation, and even Letterlike Symbols in one box.


ChopinScript free font
Font by Fonts2U

Chopin font is one of the most favorite free fonts in calligraphy category. It has already become a number one choice for many millions of designers, searching for a nice-looking, appealing, and neat calligraphy font. Uppercase letters look pretty fancy; however, this never prevents easy reading of a text; besides, the lowercase characters are designed in a traditional calligraphy manner. The font consists of 129 characters, including special symbols.


CalligraphyFLF free font
Font by Abstract Fonts

With 227 characters included in the character map, Calligraphy FLF free font is a very good option for those creative applications, where strict and reserved calligraphy is expected. No fancy curls, all the attention is paid to content rather than to form. I would say this free font has a definite English scent of punctuality, demureness, and reliability. Calligraphy FLF was designed by Richard A. Ware, one of the representatives of the old school of font designers.


NK39pc_D free font
Font by Fonts2U

Peculiarity of this free calligraphy font is that along with basic Latin characters, it also contains Cyrillic and Greek symbols, which makes it a great choice when working with the alphabets other than Roman A-Z alphabet. Besides, the font contains mathematical operators and punctuation marks. The font has a classic calligraphy look with Roman alphabet, though with Cyrillic letters it is really curly, which makes it resemble some hand-writing art. The only thing I noted is that this font looks pretty small in regard to the font size chosen, however this can hardly be a drawback of this very nice and professional calligraphy font, friendly to Cyrillic and Greek letters.


Champignon free font
Font by Fonts2U

There are two variants of this free font as shown on the samples above. The classic Champignon looks very pretty and appropriate in terms of classic calligraphy principles. Champignon Alt Swash looks differently and creates the feeling of sprawling handwriting.


Windsong free font
Font by Fonts2U

Windsong is another free calligraphy font, featuring clear and light design. Light as the wind and smooth as a classic song, this font by Bright Ideas represents a traditional handwriting calligraphy. Both uppercase and lowercase letters look very close to the letters from school books. Numbers, as well as punctuation marks, are also present in the character map (247 characters in total). The font is characterized as semi-light in weight and medium (normal) in width. Windsong will be a good choice for projects, where classic calligraphy with handwriting look is expected.

Lainie Day

Lainie Day free font
Font by Urbanfonts

Lainie Day with its delicate shapes of characters (Roman alphabet only), classic, but not boring lines, is definitely a must have calligraphy font for every designer. It looks like a golden middle between strict and reserved traditional calligraphy and modern fancy handwriting with many twirlings. Again, using this font you will stay focused on the message expressed by letters, and not on the form of those letters. Anyway, Lainie Day just like any other calligraphy font is the combination of content and pure aesthetics.

Banner photo by Pixabay

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