15 Beautiful Art Projects, Created to Raise Awareness for a Cause

Beautiful art can be both awe-inspiring and intriguing. Some of it simply awakens the creativity or beauty inside of us all, and other stunning works of art makes us really think about deeper issues. No matter the level of intensity of the piece, great artworks cause most people to stop, if even for just a moment, to have an emotional experience. And this experience, these emotions, will be re-lived every time the viewer encounters that piece of art again.

This is why art created to raise awareness for a cause can work so well. The art work creates a powerful and lasting emotion that moves the viewer to action. Just as with melodies, visual images stick with us more than just words. Most artists are very aware of this power that art contains, which is why so many use art to express themselves, make a statement, or, like the ones below, illicit movement for a cause.

A few of the artists below have even centered most of their art around a single cause. Some of the causes below involved a group of artists who donated their time to help an organization raise awareness. All involve beautiful art that really makes viewers stop and think about making the world a better place. And if you feel moved by any of the causes below, be sure to visit the site and find how you can help.

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Human Temple by Trina Merry

15 Beautiful Art Projects, Created to Raise Awareness for a Cause Image-1

This “Human Temple” art piece Trina Merry was created by bodypainting 17 people. The design layout took her only 30 minutes to engineer and 9 hours to create it live at the WORKS San Jose Gallery using non-toxic, water-based body paint. Merry enjoys using humans for her art, simply because a greater connection is made between viewer and a living, breathing human art piece. This particular piece she designed for Beyond the Four Walls, a social business venture for empowering women in Nepal. The organization sets up Internet cafes the girls can run and, at the same time, also have access to online educations and the ability to launch online businesses.

Fine Living Idents by Studio Hansa

15 Beautiful Art Projects, Created to Raise Awareness for a Cause Image-2
Design by Studio Hansa on behance

When Gregory Millar, Creative Director of BDA Creative, sought a rebrand for the Fine Living Network, Studio Hansa was called upon to assist with the creation of idents and bumpers. The challenge at hand was to devise a visually engaging approach that incorporated a “logo made from objects” concept, where miniature objects relevant to different scenes would form the Fine Living logo.

Red Dirt

15 Beautiful Art Projects, Created to Raise Awareness for a Cause Image-3

The Red Dirt website was started by Christina Eldridge and Dawn Taylor to sell “Goods for Good” as the tagline explains. A portion of every sale goes to Water.org to deliver solutions to the water crisis so many countries experience. Renown, talented artists from all over the world create the designs for these iPhone 4, 4s, 5, and 5s cases, with a few t-shirts available as well. Every five cases gives clean water to one person for life, since Red Dirt proceeds go directly toward building wells in countries including Ethiopia, Uganda, Haiti, and India.

The Water Tank Project by Word Above the Street

15 Beautiful Art Projects, Created to Raise Awareness for a Cause Image-4

The above water tank art created by Eteri Chkadua is only one of many designed by acclaimed artists as well as NYC public school students for the “Water Tank Project” started by Word Above the Street. This organization started the campaign for creating awareness of the worldwide water crises. Launched just this summer 2014, the ongoing goal is to “transform the New York City skyline” with artwork painted on rooftop water tanks. Alongside of the paintings are tours, educational events, and a symposium to inspire fresh views on global water issues.


In a post-nuclear world plagued by radiation, an ambitious urban developer called GAMMA proposes to restore cities and bring back civilization. Their plan involves using innovative ‘Nuke-Root’ technology—a fusion of fungi and mollusk—to absorb and remove radiation, while rebuilding the irradiated cities for future generations.

Bioplastic Experimentation for ‘BioScreen’ by Anya Muangkote

15 Beautiful Art Projects, Created to Raise Awareness for a Cause Image-6
Design by Anya Muangkote on behance

In the pursuit of sustainable alternatives, the ‘BioScreen’ project embarks on a journey of bioplastic experimentation. Bioplastics, derived from renewable resources, offer the potential to reduce our reliance on traditional plastics and minimize environmental impact.

City of Irfan by FACTORY FIFTEEN .

Experience the conceptual masterplan of Irfan, a new city in Oman, through a captivating short animation by Allies & Morrison. Instead of getting lost in architectural details and photorealism, the animation adopts a graphic, poster-like illustrative style that allows for exploration of the site at various scales.

Essays on Reality by Greg Barth

15 Beautiful Art Projects, Created to Raise Awareness for a Cause Image-8
Design by Greg Barth on behance

“Essays On Reality” is a continuing series of short caricatures inspired by existentialist and surrealist movements, as well as global socio-political and economic events.

Gromit Unleashed: “Bark at ee” by Leigh Flurry

15 Beautiful Art Projects, Created to Raise Awareness for a Cause Image-9
Design by Fluz .  on behance

The public art exhibition of Gromit Unleashed involved giant sculptures of the character Gromit from the British stop motion comedy, “Wallace and Gromit.” The 80 Gromits, decorated by invited artists, were displayed all over Bristol and the surrounding area. At the end of the 10 week event, the sculptures were auctioned off to raise money for Wallace and Gromit’s Grand Appeal, the Bristol Children’s Hospital Charity. Leigh’s Gromit was decorated in typography representing unique Bristolian slang, hence the title “Bark at ee.”

Life in My Shoes by Daniel Weil and Naresh Ramchandani

This public, outdoor exhibition Weil and Ramchandani created for the award-winning Life in My Shoes youth campaign by the HIV charity Body & Soul. The rectangular boxes include peep holes for reading about the experiences of different youth and their struggles with being HIV+.

Viasat Christmas by Studio Hansa

15 Beautiful Art Projects, Created to Raise Awareness for a Cause Image-11
Design by Studio Hansa on behance

Viasat Film once again turned to us for their Christmas idents, and we were thrilled to deliver some seasonal magic. Collaborating with the talented illustrator Louis Neubert, we brought his charming characters to life in a Christmas-themed living room.

Art for Tots by Antonio Le_Marke

Antonio Le Marke was one of the artists that submitted artworks to a fundraiser for the charity Toys for Tots, hosted at Low Brow Artique Gallery in Brooklyn, NY. The illustrations were printed on wood panels for display in the gallery. The multi-discipline group show included lots of unique designs such as the one above.

Third Eye Installation Art by Anya Muangkote

15 Beautiful Art Projects, Created to Raise Awareness for a Cause Image-13
Design by Anya Muangkote on behance

This installation art piece is an example of how chaos can be strikingly beautiful in its own way. Invited to be one of the artists in the Superconsciousart gallery in conjunction with the band “The KRRRRR,” Anya was a part of creating this piece titled “Third Eye.” The artists worked on this piece blind and urged viewers to use not just their eyes but also their emotions and heart to view the piece. The artists created this work of art after consulting with eye specialists all over Thailand and Asia.

International Year of Self-Sustenance 2035 by Anya Muangkote

15 Beautiful Art Projects, Created to Raise Awareness for a Cause Image-14
Design by Anya Muangkote on behance

With the urgent need to address rising global temperatures caused by human activities, a solution is emerging: the Spirurinal movement. This movement focuses on cultivating Spirulina, a highly nutritious plant-based food, using urine as a sustainable nutrient source.

WTF Activity book by Fluz .

15 Beautiful Art Projects, Created to Raise Awareness for a Cause Image-15
Design by Fluz . on behance

The WTF Activity Book by Fluz is likely a creative project involving a range of engaging and interactive activities. It could feature a unique assortment of puzzles, coloring pages, creative prompts, and other stimulating exercises, all under the creative direction of Fluz.

Your Turn!

As the examples above show, any creative professional can get involved in charity work, using their talents to help create awareness for a cause. Photography, crafts, installation art, clothing and accessories, and more – all can be used to break people out of their own day-to-day and consider saving the planet or helping others in need. You just need to pick a cause that tugs at you enough to move you to action.

If you have ever used your art to raise awareness for a cause, share it with the rest of us! Let’s spread the word about positive movements of change in our world and help to create a chain reaction of kindness and compassion that continues to grow.

Photo by Olia 💙💛 Gozha on Unsplash


This article is originally published on Oct 20, 2014, and updated on May 25, 2023.
Tara Hornor loves writing about marketing, advertising, branding, web and graphic design, and photography. She is a Senior Editor for Creative Content Experts, a copywriting company that she owns with her husband.

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