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Aytekin Tank

Aytekin Tank is founder of JotForm. He currently leads the JotForm development team. He loves to hear from JotForm users. Feel free to shoot him an email at aytekin at

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Increase Your Productivity with the JotForm Mac App

Check out JotForm’s new Mac App, built for macOS. The app lets you have one less browser tab to worry about. This app allows you to get instant in-app notifications of new submissions.

Key features include:

Instant in-app notification of new submissions

Export submission data to Excel for fast analysis

Forward or reply to submissions directly from your Mac desktop computer

Review individual submissions or inspect data as a whole

Advanced search function for locating key terms and phrases within your submissions

Interactions with other Mac apps such as Apple Maps

With faster and more convenient access to your submission data, and the ability to do more with your form submissions, you’ll be more productive than ever. Check it out here.

Are you using the JotForm Mac App? Let us know in the comments!


  • UQCC

    No. It needs OS 10.10 (I'm on .9 :) )


    Parou de funcionar de repente. Conta gratuita.

    Mensagem: Form not found
    This form is disabled.

  • tonishreeve

    having trouble setting up my jotform - doesn't look the same when it opens on other peoples phones and laptops etc. i'm embedding it in IWEB - but sticking with it i think it must be something simple i'm missing - regards

  • technicalsupport

    Love it.
    Would love it more if you can read encrypted submissions. After all, the private key is on my computer

    And would love even more if you could design new forms in the app. Browser works well, but it is a bit tedious in a browser window

  • naperjaycees

    I have many many clients that use Jotform, it would be cool if the Mac App held all my access info to all of the different accounts and I could easily pop between accounts without having to sign-out and log back in

  • Keith Riess

    You say that you can export submission data to Excel for quick analysis, but I can't figure out how to perform this function of the Mac App. Is this key feature possible? If so, it would be of even greater value.

  • CFStrathcona

    Very cool!

  • lscclibrary

    This app lacks the ability to create forms!!!

  • Kori Evans

    This is an awesome feature! Love it! But when will we be able to edit/create on the app???

  • webflunky

    Can we download it directly from JotForm? I don't like the Mac App Store and try to void apps that I can only get there. I'll continue using the online version if the MAS is my only other option.

  • dkgaskell

    Just downloaded it and it looks great. Now I can check form submissions when I'm away from my computer. Thanks, JotForm!

  • sam jones

    I like to check it out

  • Ellen Butler

    +1 on naperjaycees comment! Would love a way to easily shift between client accounts too. :)

  • chrisediting

    This is so more helpful now. Awesome!!

  • Butler2016jform

    cannot log on, using the same user and password, please advise is there a permission setting on jotform site

  • TFI

    I appreciate the app. It seems to work well. However, it would be really useful to be able to download a pdf of the submissions in the app.

  • ramblenos

    Is there the same application for windows?

  • Simon Mayers

    Thanks for sharing, it's useful!
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