40 Beautiful And Amazing Aquatic Life Photos

About 70% of earth surface is covered by water. Aquatic life is quite adventurous and is vastly diverse. Life under water is full of many beautiful creatures which are rarely seen and many people can’t even name them.

People love to see aquatic life and the unique creatures found in the oceans, for this we have compiled this post that is purely based on aquatic theme. Let us take a close look at these wonderful masterpieces of photography. We hope that you’ll like it and do not forgot to share your comments.

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Gold fish

Jelly fish

Turtle underwater

Clown fish


Aquarium Fish Ocellaris

A Clown Anemonefish at the Cairns Aquarium


Big tail


A clown fish

Keeper Reef Dive Site

White and orange

Blue bird

Feather coral


Nangyuan Island Dive Resort

Orange and blue

Underwater garden




Purple fish

The jelly blubber

An Orca whale performs a trick.


Pair of dolphins swimming towards the horizon


Chester zoo

A school of fish swim past coral


Colours and patterns

Aquatic life

A dog snapper swims over a shipwreck

Eilat Underwater Observatory

Free fins in the deep blue

Underwater photo of jellyfish

Fish swimming


This article is originally published on May 04, 2010, and updated on Apr 25, 2022.

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