40 Insane Ice Sculptures

Ice sculpture is a beautiful yet temporary art form. Countless hours went into many of these amazing creations only to have them melt away. Luckily, they’re preserved through photography for us to marvel at for ever. In this post, we present 40 Insane Ice Sculptures that will certainly impress you.

Insane Ice Sculptures

Rhonda Konicki

preying mantis
Giant preying mantis


spider ice carving
This awesome grass hopper is full of detail.
Eagle in an ice sculpture
Eagle in an ice sculpture competition.


The God Neptune ice sculpted
The God Neptune sculpted out of white ice.

mpc Fairbanks

Wild Ride single block Ice Sculpture
Stunning fantasy sculpture carved from a single block of ice.
multi-block realistic deer Ice Sculpture
Life size deer with delicate antlers
Tranquility: abstract carved from a single block of ice
Beautiful abstract carved from a single block of ice.


Moonlight Sonata in Ice
This HDR image perfectly captures the under-lit sculpture
Ice Snail from the 2008 World Ice Art Championships
The lighting coupled with the texture of this snail make for an exquisite sculpture


Golden Carriage ice sculpture
Unbelievably detailed sculpture of a carriage and its passengers.
Fantastic ice castles
Fantastic ice castles


 Geisha: Master Ice Carver: Junichi Nakamura
Beautiful carving of a Geisha in Japan


blowfish Ice sculpture
I can only imagine how the artist managed to create all the spikes on this blowfish.

Toni Escuder

Ice Magic: Flowing sculpture of a woman
Flowing sculpture of a woman.

Steven Berkshire

 Ice Art World Championships: baltoscharge
This impressive sculpture was created from 50,000 pounds of ice and is around 20 feet tall.
Ice Impressions International Competitions: incognito13
The face behind the mask
ice Warrior in battle
Warrior in battle


skateboard ice sculpture
A cool skateboard in every sense of the word.


Cadillac Ice Sculpture
Amazing life size Cadillac car.

Richard Barlund

ice pool table
Full sized pool table made completely of ice.
ice tower of Pisa
Leaning ice tower of Pisa
3d ice belvedere bar
This ice bar has a cool 3D quality to it.
csi new york - ice castle
This detailed ice castle has every brick carved into it.

Percy Alazar

Ice Sculptures London
Famous landmarks of London


Frozen chess in Khanty
Over-sized chess board and pieces.


ice sculpture of Russian landmarks
Impressive sculpture of Russian landmarks.

Rhonda Konika

two dragon riders Ice Sculptures
Stunning fantasy scene of two dragon riders.
seahorses made from ice
Underwater scene with several seahorses.
Griffin and angel in the World Ice Art Championships
Griffin and angel in the World Ice Art Championships.
wolf in Ice Sculpture
Amazing wolf that was part of a larger scene.
ice fish chasing a mermaid
Prehistoric looking fish chasing a person in dramatic fashion.
sea turtle Ice Sculpture
Large sea turtle.
ice Sculptures of King Kong
Absolutely massive sculpture of King Kong complete with bi-plane.


ice Sculptures of castle
Mind boggling ice building at the 2007 Snow and Ice Festival in Harbin China.
ice castle in Harbin
Insanely huge ice castle in Harbin China’s Snow and Ice festival.

Aly Song

ice castle from Ice Festival in Harbin
As you can see The Snow and Ice Festival in Harbin China is a true winter wonderland of ice.
The Colosseum built of ice
The Colosseum built of ice at the Snow and Ice Festival.
ice Towering pagodas
Towering pagodas at the Snow and Ice Festival.


World Ice Art Championships

Famous Ice Hotel

This article is originally published on Jan 27, 2010, and updated on Aug 04, 2020.
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