40 Terrific Works of Art Made From Common Trash

40 Terrific Works of Art Made From Common Trash

We’ve all heard that “one man’s trash is another mans treasure”. That saying takes on new meaning when we view the world through the eyes of the artists featured in todays post. These talented individuals see possibility in the things we throw away every day. Instead of heading to the art supply store they just collect common trash and turn it into works of amazing art. Take a look at these 40 terrific works of art made from common trash and be prepared to start looking at your garbage in a whole new way.

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Artworks Made From Trash

Lampa – Sea Trash Creation

Recycling waste is easier than you think. Check out this lamp made from sea trash.

Nick Gentry

Discover the mesmerizing world of artist Nick Gentry, as he repurposes outdated computer disks and breathes new life into them through vibrant strokes of oil paint.

Shadow Portraits

Witness the magic as a seemingly ordinary pile of junk transforms into a masterpiece, revealing it’s hidden genius when illuminated against the wall.

Belen Hermosa

Got a few thousand CDs lying around? Have a seat.

Chair which is made of CD


Lamponi make some really cool lamps from trash. This one was an old steam iron.

Table lamp looks like iron

An old ice scoop makes a good lampshade.

Table lamp

This old school hair dryer lamp and others are actually available to purchase. Check out the site for more far out creations.

AEG Table Lamp


This huge dragon was created using aluminum cans.

Sayaka Ganz

Sayaka uses reclaimed plastic material to build her wonderful sculptures. Look closely at these two and you can see plastic spoons.

Another great creation made from plastic objects, wire and cable ties.

Make Art Not Trash

Creative art works by Johanna Mailin Sternberg.

Yuken Teruya

Within the series titled Notice-Forest by Yuken Teruya, a tree stands inside of either paper bags or shopping bags, reminds that it was once part of it.

David Mach

This huge Gorilla was made from old coat hangers.

Another coat hanger sculpture from David. The protruding hangers make the sculpture almost look kind of blurry. Nice effect.

Jean Shin

“Huddled Masses” by Jean Shin is a captivating, technology-driven exhibition that intertwines e-waste and miles of computer cables, inviting reflection on the environmental impact of technology, planned obsolescence, and our digital footprint in the Anthropocene age.

Ptolemy Elrington

Unwanted and redundant materials have found new purpose in the form of a dragonfly.

Caitlind R.C. Brown

Step into an enchanting electrical wonderland where discarded bulbs come to life, suspended by strings that beckon viewers to unleash bursts of energy, transforming the “Cloud” into a mesmerizing spectacle of wired eccentricity.

Wasted Ashore

Art to save the sea.

Robert Bradford

Robert Bradford uses discarded toys to bring his ideas to life. How many of these toys did you play with as a kid?

Yong Ho Ji

Lion 2, a sculpture made out of tires.

“Chicklet” Trashion Fashion Art Ensemble

Check this wearable art fashion by Mary Anne Enriquez.

Jane Perkins

Alkesh Parmar

Immerse yourself in the world of Alkesh Parmar’s “Celebration Chandelier,” a breathtaking luminaire that exudes both luxury and sustainability, crafted with finesse using reclaimed champagne corks.

Jeremy Brooks

The artist obviously has a great understanding of the human form. Notice the old typewriter pieces on the lower abdomen.

Actually, both of these pieces from Jeremy were made from old typewriters. Check out his site for more of his awesome work.

Trash Can Art

Get ready for a mind-blowing transformation of the humble trash can.

Brian Jungen

This skull was crafted from old baseball coverings.

Another statue made by baseball gloves by Brian Jungen.

Guerra de la Paz

This is a lot of clothing. Guerra de la Paz repurposes clothes and shoes and turns them into an artwork.

Absolut Earth Day

Absolut celebrates the Earth Day as “Planet Earth’s Favorite Vodka”.

Leo Sewell


Scrap metal was used to construct this sea horse looking sculpture.


This fantastic mosquito was once just ordinary trash. Now it’s a beautiful work of art.

HA Schult

Prepare to encounter an extraordinary sight: a formidable legion of over 1000 “trash people” meticulously crafted and assembled by acclaimed German artist HA Schult, presenting a captivating reflection on our relationship with waste and the human condition.

Photo of trash people seen from Rome’s Piazza del Popolo.

In his renowned 2001 artwork “Love Letters Building,” Schult adorned the exterior of a former Berlin post office with purposefully collected love letters, serving as a poignant ode to German romanticism and a nostalgic nod to a time when heartfelt correspondence prevailed over swift email exchanges.

Bernard Pras

Bernard Pras takes trash art to a whole other level. Absolutely stunning rendition of Bruce Lee.

Straight From the Ocean

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