8 templates that will change your mind about PDFs

8 templates that will change your mind about PDFs

For any business, forms are a great way to collect important information and make decisions.

But, let’s be honest, forms can be a pain to make, especially when you either don’t know where to start or need some design inspiration.

That’s where Jotform PDF Editor can help.

Thanks to Jotform, it’s easy to create a form and distribute it to your customers. Plus, you can analyze the responses and create customized PDF documents of the results. The best part is that no design or coding skills are required to build these documents — PDF Editor’s drag-and-drop feature allows you to place specific form fields to the desired spot on your PDF document.

Just so you know…

Learn how to edit a PDF in a few easy steps with Jotform’s free guide.

You can even change an image or change your background color, font color, font size, font type, and page orientation to match your company brand.

If you’re still drawing a blank, you can choose from dozens of Jotform PDF templates — either submitted by users or generated by our design team — to get your form off the ground or get your creative juices flowing.

Have questions about adding electronic signatures to PDF documents, converting them to other file formats, or removing passwords? Jotform can help with a comprehensive PDF Guide.

Here are eight, handpicked templates that you can integrate into your workflow (or daily life) with ease:

1. Receipts & Invoices

Customer Bill Pay

For small businesses and independent contractors, invoices play a key role in their survival.

These documents generally serve as a bill and are usually issued to customers or clients once a service is rendered. Receipts, by comparison, are issued after payments are received and can be used by buyers to proof that services were paid.

Whether you own a budding landscaping service or are an independent contractor with more clients than free time, this handy template can help you create the invoices you need to keep your business running.

This template also can be used to generate receipts for customers and clients.

2. Donation Forms

Donation Request

It’s no secret that donations and great volunteers are directly tied to the success of any nonprofit — one simply cannot exist without the other.

That’s why securing regular, monetary contributions is key to keeping the doors open, the lights on, and services running smoothly.

Donation consent forms play an integral role in this process because it not only documents a donor’s promise but also authorizes a nonprofit to make financial transactions at a donor’s behest.

Using this template, nonprofits can not only provide donors with a copy of their consent forms but also create an extra copy for internal records.

This template also can be used to produce other important donation forms. The U.S. federal government, for instance, requires nonprofits to keep track of all charitable donations and issue disclosure statements to certain donors in exchange for appropriate tax breaks.

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3. Rental Agreements

Rental Agreement Template

Anyone who has been a renter or landlord will tell you that a lot of work in involved in crafting a rental agreement that everyone can live with, literally.

Essentially, a rental agreement serves as a promise between landlords and tenants by not only outlining house rules but also detailing each party’s responsibility to one another. An agreement, for instance, likely will outline how much is rent is paid on certain dates, who maintains a property, and who’s responsible for utility payments.

This template can help you create professional-looking PDF copies of rental agreements, regardless of its complexity or length. These documents can be shared with tenants in an email and archived for your personal records.

With Jotform PDF Editor, users also can add electronic signatures, or e-signatures, to the PDF documents that they want to create from form responses. This feature allows you to create a form with a blank e-signature field, have a tenant sign it with their digital device or computer, and include their completed signature in the PDF document that you want to create with Jotform PDF Editor.

4. Evaluations & Surveys

Training Evaluation Survey

Ever wanted to know what customers think of a new product, or their recent visit to a website or store? Or, maybe you’re an event organizer and want to hear from people who attended a conference that you put together.

Surveys or evaluations are the best way to collect the feedback that you need to make key decisions, improve current processes, and inform future plans.

This PDF template will help you get started on creating the survey or evaluation that you need to share your findings with partners, co-workers, and leaders.

Just create a survey or evaluation form, send it out for people to fill out, and use the template on Jotform PDF Editor to create a PDF document. You can even use PDF Editor’s features to change the layout, add images, or move completed form fields around, including responses to multiple choice questions and rating tables.

This template also can be used to create peer or performance evaluations, which serve as a key tool for human resources professionals.

5. Price Quotes & Estimates

Wedding Photography Quotation Request Template

No one likes to get paid less than what they’re worth, and no one wants to overpay for a job or service.

Price quotes are the best way for businesses to disclose the full scope of their work on a project, along with all project or product costs. In essence, it’s a company’s promise to a customer that they will deliver a specific project within a certain time and on budget. On another hand, price quotes serve as a customer’s stamp of approval on a project and all of the costs associated with it.

Estimates, by comparison, are given to clients or customers ahead of price quotes and can change as additional project assessments are conducted. As its name suggests, estimates outline approximate project costs, services that will be provided, project timelines, tentative completion dates, and exceptions or exclusions that should be disclosed.

This handy PDF template can add a personalized, professional touch to completed price quote and estimate forms. After creating a form and sharing it with people, Jotform users can use submission data from completed forms to create a customizable PDF document in Jotform PDF Editor.

Once this template is selected in Jotform PDF Editor, you can change the layout, add images, or move completed form fields around, including long text fields. There’s even a handy “Section” element that allows you to place multiple form fields in a dedicated area — this feature allows you to make the most of the space on a page.

6. Registration Forms

Basketball League Registration Event Template

Organizing an event, such as a sports camp or convention, can be difficult, so adding unwieldy paper forms into the mix can make a chaotic situation even worse.

That’s where Jotform’s online form builder and Jotform PDF Editor can step in to help.

Event registration data plays a vital role in identifying specific service needs and opening the door for potential lead generation opportunities.

This template allows you to organize submission data from forms that you create and share. With the help of layout design tools, you can arrange and organize form fields into certain areas, including answers to multiple or single choice questions.

Once you create your PDF, you can email a customized copy to event registrants and save a plain version for yourself for your records. You can even add notes to specific text areas on copies of individual submissions without altering the original version.

7. Job Applications

Basic Employment Resume Template

Processing job applications can be stressful for any hiring manager or human resources department, but when everything is done on paper, the aftermath can be a nightmare.

Thankfully, Jotform has the products and features you need to rest easy.

After job applicants fill out a form that you create, Jotform PDF Editor can move submission data into form fields after you select a template. You can then create a polished, professional-looking PDF using PDF Editor’s drag-and-drop feature to move form fields around or place new ones on the document.

Create a customized letterhead or add your business logo using the “Section” element to place multiple form fields in a designated area.

8. Contracts

Home Inspection Services Contract Template

Ever been in a situation where someone didn’t keep their end of a bargain, pulled out at the last minute, or tried to get out of an important commitment?

It happens to everyone at some point in their life, but it’s a scenario that businesses work hard to prevent with contracts.

These legally-binding agreements serve as a set of promises between everyone named in the document. Contracts generally include detailed legalese to anticipate and address all possible scenarios, so anyone who violates a contract’s terms or conditions can face legal action.

Agreements, meanwhile, serve as a mutual understanding between at least two parties — businesses and customers, for example — of their responsibilities, obligations, and limitations.

This particular template provides the foundation for framing and creating a high-quality contract that not only looks good but also is legally sound.

After creating a form and sending it out for people to fill out, Jotform users can access Jotform PDF Editor to create customizable PDF documents that can be shared or archived for personal reference.

PDF Editor’s drag-and-drop features allow you to move form fields around and adjust it to meet your design specifications. The software tool’s layout settings also allow you to adjust the page margins, add page numbers, change font types, modify the text alignment, and tweak the line spacing between text.

How have you tried out Jotform’s PDF templates yet? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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