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NonProfit Donation Consent Template

One of the most beautiful and valuable things in life is to share with real needers. Making donations to non-profit welfare societies is maybe the best way to reach needers more than one. On the other hand, collecting donations for your non-profit can be the difference between achieving your mission or shutting your doors. At these times, a donation consent document is one of the critical processes that need to be obtained before accepting recurring donations.

This donation consent PDF template will take the data you collect and turn it into a simple document you can provide to the donor as alliance or warrant.
NonProfit Donation Consent Template
2078 Bombardier Way- CC353 Plymouth, Michigan 48170
Donation Consent

This welfare association is a member of the face to face fundraising regulatory body that has calculated that on average its members cost per acquisition is approximately 25% of the average contribution.

For more information please contact us via .

Donor Name:
Lucho Esom
Donation Amount:
DD Plan ID:
I authorize you to debit my account with the amounts of direct debits, with this welfare association in accordance with this authority until further notice. I agree that this authority is subject to my bank's terms and conditions that relate to my account. The specific terms and conditions are listed on the donation form. I acknowledge my first credit card donation will be debited immediately and my regular donation will be debited on or around my selected date of each month. I also confirm that I am at least 18 years of age and that I look forward to supporting this welfare association ongoing monthly donations for two years or longer. [Frequency: Monthly]

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