How to send a fillable PDF by email?

How to send a fillable PDF by email?

One of the great benefits of technology is the way it simplifies mundane tasks. For example, going to the doctor’s office in the pre-internet age meant grabbing a pen in a waiting room and filling out tons of forms before you could go into your appointment.

But now, you can fill out your forms on your computer before you get to the office, minimizing the amount of time you spend there. And the doctor’s office can gather all your information and have it at the ready when you come in.

If your business uses forms, but you don’t know how to easily get those forms to your users, patients, or customers, then you’re missing out on a major resource. You need to put systems in place to create PDF forms that are easy to read, fill out, and share.

And if you’re asking yourself, “How do I email a fillable PDF?” you’ve come to the right place. Here’s what you need to know about emailing fillable PDFs and how they can streamline your workflow processes and save time for everyone.

Create Fillable PDF Forms with PDF Editor

With Jotform’s fillable PDF form creator, you can create customized PDF forms that users can easily fill out and submit from their digital devices. Contact the Jotform Enterprise sales team to start your journey today.

Power up your PDFs

How do you convert a PDF into an online form to share internally with your coworkers or externally with your users or subscriber base? Use Jotform’s Smart PDF Forms.

Jotform can make things easier for you and everyone else who has to fill out one of your forms. The system harvests your PDF’s text and transfers it into an easily readable online form that your users can then fill out.

Jotform keeps all submissions secure, and you can use search filters to easily find the specific information you’re looking for. Plus, you can save responses as a PDF in your original PDF form layout to share with clients or other staff.

For example, if you’ve created a medical patient information form, you can allow form-filling capabilities in the PDF, then save the completed form as a new file. You can also email completed PDF forms automatically. And since Jotform’s forms are mobile-friendly, people can fill them out regardless of where they are.

Pro Tip

Create fillable PDFs for free today with Jotform’s Fillable PDF Creator.

Create your own forms

If you’d prefer to keep all your information in one place but still share PDFs, try Jotform’s PDF form creation feature. All you have to do is choose one of your Jotform forms — whether for event management, survey responses, or any one of thousands of other uses. Then go to your My Forms page, select the form you want to convert, and click Publish PDF.

From there, you’ll be able to create and edit fillable PDF forms that will automatically populate with each submission. Choose from different PDF templates designed for your industry. You can download these forms easily and send each PDF via email to anyone who needs the information.

Customize forms to your needs

You’re probably also interested in customizing your PDF form. Jotform’s PDF Editor enables you to adjust a document to your needs. The interface is intuitive — you can drag and drop information and create as many documents as you want.

Plus, Jotform’s autoresponder feature means you can send forms automatically as soon as they’re complete. You can then save your documents to Dropbox and Google Drive to close your workflow loop.

Inspire confidence in your customers

Think about how frustrating it is to receive an email with a PDF attachment that won’t open or is missing information. You need a centralized location for your users to fill in form responses, and you need a place to store this information.

With Jotform, you can rest easy knowing that once you’ve sent a completed form, that information is stored securely. That kind of reliability is key when it comes to building a reputation as a business, and it’s why having a resource like Jotform to build forms is so important.

Send your forms 

There are many things you can do with fillable PDF forms once they’re completed. You can embed your form on your website, send a link to the form to your team or organization, and use it to inform reports and presentations. A fillable PDF form is a canvas for you to create what you need, backed by smart technology that guides you along the way.

From templates like job applications and customer invoices to marketing proposals, regardless of the form you’re creating, Jotform has your workflow processes covered to help you keep your business running smoothly.

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