New Integration: Callingly and Jotform Help Convert Leads

New Integration: Callingly and Jotform Help Convert Leads

Sales and marketing teams all over the world use Jotform for their lead gen forms. Embed them directly onto your website, and they blend right in. Some teams prefer the full customization of our Classic style of forms, while others like the intuitiveness of Cards. Either way, Jotform serves as a powerful lead gen tool for companies of all types.

And it just got better.

Companies now have a powerful one-two punch to actually get sales people immediately on the phone with leads using Jotform’s new integration with Callingly. Callingly is a tool that automatically gets your sales people on the phone with incoming leads. Using the integration, leads that funnel in through your JotForm-created lead form will get connected to your sales team faster than ever.

Why does this matter?

Companies that contact potential customers within an hour of receiving queries are vastly more successful at closing the deal—Hubspot says 7 times better. Human attention spans are fleeting. So imagine the impact of being able to get someone on the phone the very minute they’re considering trying your product or service. Your sales team could see enormous gains!

The way it works is simple. You merge your form’s “Phone Number” field to Callingly. The moment someone responds to your form, including their phone number, your sales team immediately receives a call, which gives them the option to connect with the incoming lead right away. So even if you and your team aren’t near a computer or checking your email for leads, you’ll get a call the moment someone inquires about your business.

About Callingly

Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur managing incoming leads yourself, or if you’ve built out an entire sales or customer service team, Callingly can help get you on the phone with customers faster, thereby making your team more productive and efficient.

Do you use Jotform for your lead generation leads? Do you follow up with a phone call? Try Callingly and let us know how it goes in the comments.

Chad is a former VP of Marketing and Communications at Jotform. He’s also a frequent contributor to various tech and business publications, and an absolute wizard with a Vitamix. He holds a master’s degree in communication and resides with his wife and cats in Oakland, California.

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