Form Templates: First Week in Numbers

We released Form Templates a week ago. It turned out to be an amazing success beyond our expectations. Today, I’d like to share some numbers with you.

Huge Traffic

In the first week, Form Templates received 100,000 page views by 55,000 unique visitors.

Forms Created from Templates

“Use this template” button have been clicked 10,945 times to create new forms. If each JotForm user saved 10 minutes because of that, that is a whopping 2.5 user-months saved!

Form Shared

Since the launch, JotForm users shared 90 forms. That’s something I did not expect. I was expecting people to use form templates to create new forms, but I wasn’t expecting the sharing feature to be used this often. I’m glad to be wrong! This is a great thing because each additional form makes Form Templates more useful for all JotForm users.

Some Form Templates were very Popular


Number of Times Cloned

Purchase Order – Point Of Sale Form

1091 times

Contact us Form

764 times

PayPal Pro Payment Form

611 times

Event Registration Form

379 times

Customized Website Contact Form

339 times

Website Design Request Form

316 times

Contact Form

298 times

Order Cake Form

274 times

Contact Form with Envelope Theme

273 times

Membership Renewal Form

228 times

Most Keywords Searched

Top 10 Most Viewed Form Templates

Top 5 Most Browsed Industry Categories

Top 5 Most Browsed Form Categories

Survey Results

We added a small JotForm Survey to the side of the Form Templates section, and asked our users for their opinions. Some users completed this form. Here are the results:

Full Report: Page 1Page 2

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