Construction reopening: 3 forms to assign your construction crew for an effective reopening

Construction reopening: 3 forms to assign your construction crew for an effective reopening

As construction companies reopen and crews resume work, it’s vital to put precautions in place so teams can stay safe in our “new normal.”

With Jotform’s Assign Forms feature, construction companies can easily assign forms to their workforce to ensure safety as they reopen. Below are a few forms you can use to get started.

1. Self-screening form

One of the best ways to reduce the spread of COVID-19 is to have your crew self-screen every morning before heading to a job.

Construction management can easily build symptom screening forms. You can include questions that ask if crew members have been experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms, if they’ve been in contact with anyone who has tested positive in the last 14 days, if they have traveled recently, and anything else you feel is relevant.

You can also include a form field for crew members to sign electronically, ensuring that all the information they submit is accurate.

Management can assign these forms to crew members and have them fill out the form each day before they go to work. Once the forms are complete, management will get a notification via the Jotform Mobile Forms app or email, and can quickly review the responses. 

If a crew member appears to have symptoms, you can simply give them a call or send an email and ask them to stay home until they are better.

2. PPE request form 

PPE (personal protective equipment) is imperative for construction workers to stay safe on the job.

PPE consists of face masks, helmets, gloves, disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer, face shields, and other tools to help protect individuals from infection. 

A PPE request form can include questions such as full name, work email, types of PPE offered, whether the employee wants to pick up the supplies or have them delivered, delivery address, and more.

Similar to the self-screening form, management can easily assign this form to each crew member so they always have access to it. That way, when they’re running low or are completely out of PPE gear, they’ll be able to request more.

Having these forms readily available for your construction workers will help them feel safe when they go back to work.

3. Safety training evaluation form

Before returning to work, it’s important that all construction workers are trained on new safety measures.

There are different ways organizations can conduct training, such as hosting a live webinar, creating video tutorials, or writing informational blogs. Some organizations might want to hold online breakout sessions, create assignments, and even implement a grading system for safety courses.

After the safety training is complete, management can assign an evaluation form to see if crew members learned from the training and are able to apply it to their work.

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Safety training evaluation form template

A safety training evaluation form can ask if crew members know how to properly wash their hands, wear and take off PPE gear, keep their distance while working with other crew members, engage in respiratory etiquette, and more.

Management can easily keep tabs on the responses to be sure that all of their crew members understand what was taught and feel comfortable about going back to work.

We hope these three forms come in handy for reopening!

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