Metro and Underground Maps Designs Around the World

In this post, we have collected some interesting metro map designs around the globe. These maps show the infrastructure of the city; each city is different from another because of the look, feel, regional culture, typography and many other things. These maps would be helpful for you in exploring these differences and would also come handy when you want to find out any place in the city. As designer, you can also learn a bit or two about wayfinding graphics when analyzing these designs. So, here’s the inspiring compilation of metro maps from around the world.


Paris, France

Paris metro map

London Map

London underground map

Berlin, Germany

Berlin metro map

Naples, Italy

Naples metro map

Oslo, Norway

Oslo metro map

Lille – France

Lille metro map

Frankfurt Subway Map, Germany

Frankfurt metro map

Oslo, Norway

Oslo metro map t-bane

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague metro map

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona metro map

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam metro map

Athens, Greece

Athens metro map

Munich, Germany

Munich metro map

Vienna, Austria

Vienna metro map

Lyon, France

Lyon metro map

Bucharest, Romania

Bucharest metro map

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires metro map

Lausanne, Switzerland

Lausanne metro map

Brussels, Belgium

Brussels metro map


Boston, USA

Boston metro map

NYC Subway Map

NYC subway map

Chicago’s Metro

Chicago's metro


Washington subway map


San Francisco subway map

Atlanta, United States

Atlanta subway map


Baltimore subway map

Osaka Railway System

Osaka metro map

Cleveland, United States

Cleveland subway map

Brasilia, Brazil

Brasilia metro map


Barcelona metro map

Houston Metro Map

Houston metro map

New York, United States

New York subway map

Montreal, Canada

Montreal metro map


Beijing, China

Beijing metro map

Hong Kong

Hong Kong metro map

Moscow, Russia

Moscow metro map

Pyongyong, North Korea

Pyongyang metro map

Tokyo City Map, Japan

Tokyo metro map

Singapore Metro

Singapore metro map

Hokkaido Railway System

Hokkaido railway system


Dubai metro map

Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto metro map

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok metro map

Mumbai, India

Mumbai metro map


Shanghai metro map

Deagu, South Korea

Daegu metro map

Kiev, Ukraine

Kiev metro map
This article is originally published on Oct 04, 2010, and updated on Jul 28, 2020.

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