Celebrating Jotform’s 1 billionth form submission

One billion is an enormous number. At Jotform, that awesome sum now intersects with the foundation of our success.

That’s because we’re celebrating 1 billion online form submissions by Jotform users. One billion sheets of paper would stand roughly 72 miles high, tall enough to reach the boundary between Earth’s atmosphere and outer space. It would take roughly 30 years for someone to count to 1 billion.

So, yes, this is a big deal.

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Pro Tip

Create your own online form in just a few clicks with 10,000+ free templates.

When Jotform began, reaching 1 billion form submissions was difficult to imagine. But with ever-increasing ways to use Jotform’s online forms, such as Jotform Tables, Jotform Approvals, and Jotform Apps, form submissions have stacked up exponentially — digitally speaking, of course.

Each individual form can streamline workflows, increase productivity, save time, and more. It’s safe to say that Jotform has saved organizations significant time and resources.

And though we’re taking a moment to celebrate this benchmark, our mission to help our users never ends. What will you accomplish with your share of the next billion form submissions? Here at Jotform, we can’t wait to find out.

This article is originally published on Jan 25, 2022, and updated on Aug 01, 2022.
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