New Integration: Collect Online Payments with Paymentwall and JotForm

More and more, it’s becoming critical for businesses to operate on a global scale. But operating globally means collecting payments globally. That’s where Paymentwall comes in, a leading global payments platform. A new JotForm integration with Paymentwall opens up your business to collect payments online from over 5 billion people around the world. 

This integration turns any order form, registration form, donation form, or membership form into an instant money-maker for your global customers.

Key features of Paymentwall:

– Transaction rates vary by country

– A risk team that prevents chargebacks before they even occur

– Reporting tools that make it easy to track sales

– 24/7 customer support

You can set this integration up in just a couple short minutes. First thing you’ll need to do is create a Paymentwall merchant account. 

Then select Paymentwall as a payment option in our list of integrations, and enter your Paymentwall Public Key and Private Key to connect the accounts. This step just takes a few seconds. 

paymentwall setup

After that, it’s up to you to configure what you’re collecting money for, and for how much money. 

paymentwall forms

And just like that, you have a secure, powerful, global payment form powered by JotForm and Paymentwall! 

Chad is VP of Marketing and Communications at JotForm. He’s also a frequent contributor to various tech and business publications, and an absolute wizard with a Vitamix. He holds a master’s degree in communication and resides with his wife and cats in Oakland, California. You can reach Chad through his contact form.

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