7 best process documentation software systems

As with most initiatives, having the right tools makes everything easier. This is especially true for process documentation because it establishes the foundation for how your entire organization operates.

While some organizations prefer to take a manual approach and document processes by hand, others opt for efficiency and optimization with software. Using process documentation software ensures an organization’s information is standardized, consistent, and easily shareable — but the whole organization needs to use the same software.

To help you choose the right technology for your needs, here are seven of the best process documentation software systems (in no particular order).

7 best process documentation software systems

1. Pellio

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Pellio helps organizations document, track, manage, and share processes with just a few simple steps. It has a rich text editor that allows you to input text, images, videos, HTML, and file attachments to ensure the process description is robust and comprehensive.

Pellio also has a personalized dashboard for each employee, so they can see their tasks with step-by-step actions. As a result, employees are better equipped to complete their jobs. This process documentation software also provides managers with the ability to set permissions, add users, and create departments. In addition, they can generate reports of specific processes to track performance and efficiency.

2. Lucidchart

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A diagramming tool with an intuitive user interface, Lucidchart is an excellent resource for any organization where visual learning is important. This collaborative process documentation software enables employees to create diagrams, flowcharts, and workflows for any process without needing any design experience.

Lucidchart is also great for getting feedback from teams, as users can chat and comment directly inside each document. It’s popular with both remote and in-person teams, and a wide range of departments — such as marketing, sales, operations, engineering, and IT — find it useful.

3. Confluence

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Confluence brings together knowledge and collaboration to help organizations build out their process documentation.

With this software, organizations can create internal pages to harness their combined knowledge and provide a definitive resource for everyone on the team. It comes with best practice templates, so it’s easy to get started, especially for organizations that don’t have any existing process documentation.

Plus, Confluence integrates with other software, such as Trello, Jira, Slack, Dropbox, and more, making it easy to collaborate across systems and departments.

4. Integrify

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Integrify is workflow management and automation software that can help organizations create process documentation with a drag-and-drop dashboard. This software is ideal for businesses that need to combine data from multiple sources or automate certain parts of their processes.

The automation aspect of Integrify helps teams save time and resources, particularly for processes that involve multiple people or require approvals. Once a step of the process is complete, Integrify can notify the next stakeholder that it’s their turn to participate in defining their step.

5. SmartDraw

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SmartDraw is a powerful flowcharting tool that organizations can use to visualize their processes. It includes over 70 different types of diagram templates to help organizations get started. With automated formatting, users don’t need to have any experience with design tools. A key benefit of SmartDraw is that it integrates with other tools — like Google Workspace, Microsoft Office, and more — so it’s easy to export and share diagrams with others.

6. Bit.ai

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Bit.ai is a powerful workplace and document collaboration tool that helps teams create documents and organize their knowledge. Users can develop training guides, wikis, technical documents, and much more.

Collaboration is easy, as users can tag each other in documents or make edits in real time. There’s also a built-in document chat feature that streamlines communication and feedback submission.

7. Jotform

Jotform is excellent process documentation software for organizations that want to optimize their efforts. Jotform offers a number of templates to help organizations get started collecting the data needed to write processes.

The templates help businesses standardize process documentation and make sure all details are complete and accurate. There are several templates to choose from based on your organization’s needs.

It goes without saying that organizations can also use applications like Google Docs and Microsoft Word to document their processes. These can come in handy for noting simple processes without visual elements in organizations where collaboration and feedback tools aren’t required.

When deciding which process documentation software is right for you, be sure to consider which features will make the initiative easier for your employees and whether the tool can integrate with your existing tools.

This article is originally published on Jun 17, 2022, and updated on Dec 02, 2022.

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