Runny Paints: Modern Watercolor Portraits

Watercolor is one of the oldest and arguably greatest techniques of painting. A style that is becoming more and more popular. The upsurge in popularity is most assuredly owed, in no small part, to its versatility and simplicity, which give one an opportunity to experiment with the medium. Not only with materials on which the paint is applied, but also with different styles and themes.

Due to its long history, it’s no wonder that watercolor painting has won a lot of supporters and followers. So many talented people have worked with them or try at least tried using them once. Some to broaden their horizons, others to initially try as a hobby before they chose it as a prime direction.

Today we are showcasing the works of some really talented artists who are truly devoted to this technique. Some of them stick to traditional forms of art and others do experiments, but all in all they achieve fantastic results and create amazing modern watercolor portraits.

Runny Paints

1. Les Filles by Ekaterina Koroleva

Les Filles by Ekaterina Koroleva

2. Les Filles by Ekaterina Koroleva

Les Filles by Ekaterina Koroleva 2

3. Les Filles by Ekaterina Koroleva

Les Filles by Ekaterina Koroleva 3

4. Wish you were here by mathiole

Wish you were here

5. Manifesto by mathiole


6. Colorblind by mathiole


7. Acacia by Florian NICOLLE


8. Portrait – Watercolor by auroraink

Portrait Watercolor by auroraink

9. Iceflower – Preview by auroraink

Iceflower by auroraink

10. Sherlock: I think I’m going to die – Crying colors by auroraink


11. Through the Mirror by auroraink

Through the Mirror

12. skies on fire by agnes-cecile

skies on fire

13. sheets of colored glass by agnes-cecile

sheets of colored glass

14. Portrait of a friend: Athena by jane-beata

Portrait of a friend Athena

15. Eye study in flesh tone by jane-beata

Eye study in flesh tone

16. Polyhymnia by Dark134


17. Spring Parturition by Dark134

Spring Parturition

18. Blue Meditation by Cate Parr

Editor’s Note: the image removed due to broken link

19. Vogue Turkey by Cate Parr

Vogue Turkey

20. Deutche Vogue by Cate Parr

Deutche Vogue

21. Metamorphosis III-cardinal bird by Clarae19

Metamorphosis III

22. Metamorphosis VI-peacock by Clarae19

Metamorphosis VI peacock

23. Coloured soul by Clarae19

Coloured soul

24. Y by neo-innov

Y by neo-innov

25. Coeur de pirate by neo-innov

Coeur de pirate

26. Just a self-portrait by strawberriiyhab

Just a self-portrait by strawberriiyhab

27. Esther Melody Band by Jeremy Kyle

Esther Melody Band

The Paint Has Dried

For all the apparent simplicity of the medium and tools the watercolor technique is really a complex artform. So, if you spotted a really creative watercolor artwork elsewhere, let us know. Do share your opinion with us on this collection. Which piece did you find the most impressive?


This article is originally published on Jul 20, 2012, and updated on Nov 24, 2020.
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