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Knowing your resources is important in all aspects of design. You could be working on a new draft and realize you are missing one thing, texture. Textures are not always beautiful by themselves and many can appear quite boring, but when you add texture to your design, it gives that little bit of depth you might be looking for to make the image pop. With a digital camera or intermediate to advanced skills in Photoshop, textures are easy to make. One thing we may run out of is time. Time to make or even the countless hours surfing the Web for the perfect texture.

This post presents an extensive collection of resources with textures from which you can choose the perfect background image for your next design. Please visit the linked sites to download the textures of your choice.

40+ Beautiful Patterns and Textures for Ornate Backgrounds

The use of ornate patterns in web design has been popular for several years now. Not only does it add a lot of intricate detail, but it’s also a great way to add a level of sophistication to a design. Here are some of the most beautiful ornate patterns and textures

50 Outstanding Free Design Textures

A few good textures can take a boring design and turn into something stunning. As a designer, you should seek to build a library of all kinds of textures to complement a range of styles. Here are 50 completely free and ready to download textures to get you started.

The Big Smashing Texture Gallery

Smashing Magazine organized the Smashing Texture Contest last year and received over 740 e-mails from over 600 participants, resulting in far more than 2000 photos. The result, however, is not just literally zillion of textures, but truly brilliant textures you can use in your private and professional projects for free.

270+ Sets Free And Beautiful Watercolor Textures

Both grunge and watercolor effects are really cool and hot in web design industrial. There are a lot of website backgrounds using watercolor effect. Some people may think watercolor and grunge effects are “dirty”, but if you are able to mix the design with these effects, then you will have a beautiful layout which able to give visitors an impressive appearance.

23 Water Color Textures I

23 High-Res Water Color Backgrounds are now available for free personal and commercial use. Each individual file can be found and downloaded for free at SadMonkey’s DeviantArt Page. Please feel free to use, redistribute or modify the files any way you see fit

25 Free High Res Watercolor Textures

These awesome watercolor textures are brought to you by Daniel Davidson. Daniel is a freelance graphic designer, you can check out his portfolio at SadMonkey Design

Grungy Watercolor Textures and Layered PSD

Today’s webtreat is a layered PSD of our Grungy Watercolor backgrounds on BackgroundsETC along with a selection of several of our favorites.

10 beautiful Free Wood Textures for Your Designs

Used as background images, wood textures are quite popular on the web theses days. In this article, I’ll show you 10 beautiful wood textures that you can freely use to enhance your designs.

12 Free High Resolution Wood/Rock Textures

Textures design are very popular among designers to add to their design work. Today we are offering 12 free high Res textures of wood and rock. You can download/preview the texture by clicking on the images which will take you to the Flickr Photos.

9 Free Hi-Res Wood Panels Textures

It’s time for another high resolution texture set. This time it’s all about wood panels. Wood textures pop up in more and more websites as background images. It’s a trend which sure won’t disappear in the near future. With a bit of tweaking these wood panels textures can be transformed into tile-able background images for your web projects and at the stunning size of 3264×2448 pixels they’re great for your print projects too.

10 Super High-Res Wood Textures

This texture set is courtesy of Franz Jeitz, who you may remember we interviewed recently. Franz runs the design blog FudgeGraphics, and was kind enough to offer this texture set to our visitors. This texture set is huge! Images are 3264X2448px in size – perfect for large scale designs.

30 Wood Textures Sets

If you create nature design work, you maybe will need Wood textures. Wood textures can add more natural feeling to your artworks. Wood textures you can use as backgrounds or apply them to some objects. In this set you will find 31 large-scale, high resolution (1950 * 1310) suitable wood textures. On Psdeluxe you can download this set for free.

200+ Excellent Free High Quality Tree Bark Textures

Tree Bark Texture is a kind of texture taken from the bark of a tree. Some passionate photographers and designers took these textures and contribute it for the design community. This could be useful for any graphics design artwork and normally used for background purpose.

42+ Free Photoshop Textures

Beautiful collection of background textures for Photoshop. A lot of texture backgrounds are used in modern web designing, textures add quality and beautify designs.

100 Beautiful Free Textures

In this post, Smashing Magazine looks at 100 different textures in a wide variety of different categories. Of course, each image is linked to the source where it can be downloaded. As with any type of freebie, be sure to read the terms and conditions or stipulations by the owner before using it in your work.

50+ High Resolution Textures, Tutorials and Resources

Hundreds of thousands of incredible Textures are all over the web. Due to this phenomenally vast amount of textures available, you can now add dirt, rust, floral effect, swirls, mold, oil stains in your artworks and photos to give them an aged, damaged, dreamy or any look you want

11 High Resolution Free Fabric Textures

Today I have a good set of high resolution of fabric texture. I found some fabric around my house which inspired me to take up my camera and shot some good high res texture. Fabric texture has always been on of my best favorites. Hope you can use high fabric textures for better use in your design.

45+ Absolutely Useful Free Fabric Textures

Today we will showcase a collection of textures where you can use and apply on your future web page design project or just for graphics use. These type of textures is more on different kind of fabrics.

50 Free Rusted Metal Texture

Textured backgrounds are a great way to add an extra dimension to any graphic design project. Magazines and printed media can resort to textured paper for added impact however, this is impossible to do on the web, and the closest we can do is adding texture to simulate this effect.

Large Textures from India

Five large and colorful textures from India.

12 Large Textures

12 beautiful textures for your designs and inspiration.

17 Paper Papyrus Textures

17 Lovely paper textures.

24 High Res Grunge Textures

This pack contains some really nice grunge-style textures.

10 Catalyst Textures

10 beautiful textures with vibrant colors.

Five Grunge Textures

This is a second set of interesting grunge textures designed by Cloaks

12 Free and High-Res Grungy Wall Textures

In this freebie, we share with you 12 free grungy wall textures that you can use on your future design projects in an innumerable amount of ways.

50 Grunge Icon Textures

For those times when you need to fill a small area, here are 50 colorful grunge icon textures..

60+ Free Textures from

In addition to using brushes, you can get great results and save considerable amounts of time by taking advantage of textures that are freely available. One excellent resources of textures (and other types of stock images) is Stock.xchng. Below you’ll find more than 60 textures from their site. Each image links to the page on where the image can be downloaded.

40 Free Concrete Textures

Concrete textures are excellent for use in web and graphic design. You can quickly take your own, since concrete is so easy to find, or you can take advantage of those that are already freely available. In this post we’ll feature 40 different concrete textures from a variety of sources.

Cool Textures in Bricks and Stones

We find ourselves going through photographs and wonder why in the world we even wasted the battery on that shot, not thinking of course they can be used for textures, patterns or even Photoshop brushes at a later time. We have collected several photographs of bricks and stones which could make some pretty cool texture effects in your designs.

Rust Texture Pack

This is a pack of 10 rust textures. You can get any of them from Flickr, or download the full pack in a zip file at the end of the post. Most of them have a resolution of 2560 x 1920..

101 Free Stone and Rock Textures

Most designers are always interested in quality textures to use in their own work. Recently I was looking for some good stone textures, so I decided to put together this collection that will hopefully be a helpful resource for others. There are textures from a variety of different sources.

New York Concrete: 10 Free Hi-Res Textures

The latest texture pack contains 10 high resolution concrete textures taken during my last trip to New York City. I took over 300 photos, mostly of the regular tourist attractions.

40 High Res Textures

If there is one thing that is ubiquitous among almost all grunge web designs, it’s having a good quality grunge texture or dirty background image

30 Most Incredible Textures for Vintage Style Design

One of the most important aspects of a good vintage style design is the use of authentic looking textures. Since most of you probably don’t have time to browse the local antique shop, and your grandmother’s attic is miles away.

Cloud Textures

Weird colors – 27 cloud textures, made from photos. Please credit the artist if you use these textures. Resolution is 1600×1200 pixels.

11 Free Hi-Res Old Grunge Paper Textures

It’s time for another high resolution texture set. This time it’s all about grunge paper textures taken from old books. As a bonus there’s even a nice book cover texture for you to download. Due to the enormous size (about 7MB each) of the textures I will not offer a single zip file containing all the images. Instead you have to individually download each texture by clicking on the preview. I hope you don’t mind. The files are perfect for both web and print jobs to your designs a more organic or vintage feel

60+ Extremely Useful Free Concrete Texture Backgrounds

You may notice the last few days I made some list of free texture resources. And as a continuation of gathering some High Quality Textures on the Web, here are another textures which can be very useful when it comes to grunge designs.

25 Great Free Photoshop Texture Packs

Photoshop textures are very widely used in modern web design, and hopefully you don’t have to create all your textures by yourself since a great choice is available freely on the web. In the following collection we have selected some of the best free Photoshop texture packs.

25 Useful Digital Textures Tiles

25 tileable textures for your multimedia, web, 3d, game or print designs. Bricks, stones, furs, metals and other materials. These tiles were created digitally, so you won’t get the dirt and impurities normally found on scanned images.

30 Free Cardboard Textures

Having the right textures can make a huge difference for designers. Today we’re going to feature 30 of the best free cardboard textures from a variety of different sources.

15 Textures of Italy

Here is the first of several, Italy Texture Packs. This one includes 15 textures from all over Italy. (The name of the city the photo was taken in is in the file name.

25 Free High Quality Brick Textures

I recently used some brick textures for a design project. I got a good collection and thought of sharing it. In this post, you would find some of the best high quality brick textures which can be used in different ways.

25 Great Free Photoshop Texture Packs

Photoshop textures are very widely used in modern web design, and hopefully you don’t have to create all your textures by yourself since a great choice is available freely on the web. In the following collection we have selected some of the best free Photoshop texture packs just for you.

60 Unique and Free Paper Textures

One of the most commonly used texture resources is the paper texture effect, many designers including like this texture and use it in many projects and digital painting works in Photoshop.

25 More Free Photoshop Texture Packs

22 Textures from The Grand Canyon

A couple of nice textures from a trip to the Grand Canyon. There are also a few textures from Vegas.

Free Texture Tuesday Rust 2

The venerable rust texture. Rust can be one of the most useful textures when trying to add a hint (or a lot) of grunge to your designs or photos, very handy.

31 Hi-Res Grunge Remodeling Textures

Free high resolution grunge remodeling textures. Overall 31 textures are included in the pack.

10 Free Original Hi-Res Fully Stained Paper Textures

These were created by soaking A4 pieces of paper in a tray filled with food colouring and then left to dry in the sun. The edges are most concentrated while the middle of the paper has a sort of tie-dye effect.

10 Free Hi-Res Photoshop Brushes for Acrylic Textures

These brushes are perfect for textures, overlays, and even poster making, letting you achieve a great organic feel. This set has a total of 9 Acrylic Texture Brushes all hovering at exactly 2500px.

Gallery of Textures is a community ran texture gallery for designers, photographers, and creatives alike.

This article is originally published on Nov 08, 2009, and updated on May 26, 2021.

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