How to track online form engagement and gauge success in Jotform

How to track online form engagement and gauge success in Jotform

Getting your message in front of the right people once required guesswork and grit. But digital marketing and advertising has gradually turned this game of chance into an exact science.

Online platforms can now put your message in the right places, track what happens after people see it, try to recapture their attention, and quickly implement strategic changes along the way.

Jotform can bolster these efforts by helping you gather valuable information about the actions people take when they interact with your online forms. And Jotform even has a handy visual tool that can convince people to make a contribution toward your fundraiser or campaign.

More specifically, Jotform’s Facebook Pixel and Zuko Form Analytics widgets can help you get your message in front of the right people, understand what they are doing with your online form, identify issues based on their behavior, and analyze segmented groups of people within your overall audience.

If you’re raising money for a cause, Jotform’s Donation Thermometer widget can drive traffic to your online donation forms, motivate people to take action, and keep donors updated on the status of your fundraiser.

Like all Jotform widgets, these are available to all users, even those on the free Starter plan. Adding a widget to a form takes a matter of seconds; you don’t even have to copy and paste code from another software tool.

The only caveat is that you must have a Facebook Business and Zuko account to use those specific widgets in JotForm.

Understanding, analyzing, and influencing people’s behaviors will play a key role in your organization’s long-term success, regardless of whether you want to secure more online sales, donations, event signups, or impressions.

By working in concert with popular analytics tools and showcasing fundraising goals for donors, Jotform’s powerful online form widgets enable your organization to stand out.

To help you get started, we’ll explain how these widgets work and how they can give your marketing, advertising, or fundraising campaign a healthy boost.

Facebook Pixel

When it comes to advertising on social media platforms, Facebook stands out.

Consider the fact that SimilarWeb, which tracks online traffic to websites across the world, recorded more than 24.91 billion global visits to Facebook in October 2020 alone. Not surprisingly, Facebook has consistently ranked ahead of all other social networking sites and online communities, including Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit, on SimilarWeb for overall website visits.

Those numbers represent a lot of people who could see your ad while they’re scrolling through their newsfeed, watching a video, or even searching for something.

But even with this wealth of online traffic, how do you ensure that your message ends up in the right place and in front of people who will take action on it?

Facebook Pixel enables you to understand what people are doing while they’re browsing through your website, making purchases, or sharing valuable information. Just place a simple line of code that’s generated by Facebook into the back end of your website or into the software tools that customers use to interact with your business.

Rather than copying that code and trying to figure out where to paste it in a contact form, lead generation form, order form, registration form, etc., Jotform’s Facebook Pixel widget simplifies the process by simply asking for your Facebook Pixel ID. You can then specify which actions should be tracked when people interact with one of your online forms.

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With the Facebook Pixel widget, you can track page views, donations, submitted applications, purchases, subscriptions, completed registrations, and leads.

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When people click on your online form, fill it out, and submit it, their actions are recorded by Facebook Pixel as events. You can then view a summary of these events in the Events Manager dashboard on the Business Manager page of your Facebook account.

With all of this information at your fingertips, you can create targeted marketing campaigns that place specific advertisements in front of customers, visitors, or donors when they log into Facebook or any of its affiliated platforms, such as Instagram. 

These ads also appear on websites that fill vacant media spaces with Facebook ads. You can base the ads that a specific person sees on the actions recorded by Facebook Pixel when your online form was viewed or filled out.

Check it out…

If you’re using Facebook ads but aren’t seeing the results you’d like in the form of sales, signups, registrations, subscriptions, leads, or donations, check out our blog to learn more about how to retarget on Facebook with online forms.

Donation Thermometer

Whether you’re a fan of heat or cold, the last thing you want is a frigid reception to a fundraiser or campaign that you’ve worked on for months.

Jotform’s Donation Thermometer widget can turn up the heat on a campaign or fundraiser by giving donors a clearer picture of what your goals are, where you stand, and how they can make a difference.

Screenshot of Donation Thermometer Widget

All you need to do is add the Donation Thermometer to your customized online event registration form, donation form, or signup form and set a fundraising goal. The widget takes care of everything else by displaying a thermometer that warms up as money pours in from donors.

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Overhauling your online form and rolling out some much-needed improvements can help you boost sales, signups, registrations, donations, leads, or orders.

But here’s the million-dollar question: What’s working and what isn’t? Zuko, formerly known as Formisimo, may have the insights you need to determine whether your current data-collection strategy is working the way it should. Zuko can track the behaviors of anyone who opens, fills out, or submits any one of your online forms.

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For example, Zuko provides granular insights that let you examine how often your forms were completed and viewed. You can even see how often specific fields weren’t filled out and how long it took people to complete a form. 

Jotform’s Zuko widget enables you to gather this data by linking your online form to this valuable analytics tool.

Log into your Zuko account and add your form to Zuko. You’ll get a slug, or tracking code, that’s unique to your form. Once you add the widget to an online form, simply provide the slug that was generated by Zuko for your online form.

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When print and direct mail advertising was the way to go, buying placements and running campaigns hinged on circulation and demographic data. 

Even taking stock of your efforts required some initiative. Though offering coupons and tracking peaks in attendance, foot traffic, purchases, or donations could provide valuable insights, these benchmarks weren’t exactly reliable when you needed to measure the success of a campaign.  

Obtaining the objective data necessary to make informed advertising and marketing decisions is a lot easier these days, thanks to analytics tools that can track how people interact with your organization online. 

Analyzing the effectiveness of your online fundraiser, ad campaign, marketing initiative, or even your online form itself may require a bit of skill, but linking your analytics tools to Jotform doesn’t require any technical knowledge. 

Jotform’s Facebook Pixel and Zuko widgets can simplify the process by connecting your online forms to the analytics tools that guide your marketing and advertising decisions. 

By understanding how people access your online forms and what actions they take, you can make strategic improvements that ultimately drive sales, leads, orders, donations, and event signups. 

On the flip side, Jotform’s Donation Thermometer widget can motivate donors to take action and give to your online fundraiser or campaign.
If you haven’t done so by now, give Jotform’s Facebook Pixel, Zuko, or Donation Thermometer widgets a try today. See how we’re helping organizations around the world refine their message, improve the way they gather data, and expand their reach online.

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