Vote for Users Choice Award!

Vote for Users Choice Award!

The submissions for the form design contest have just ended. Help us choose the winner of the Users Choice Award!

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Phew! What a month. We weren’t sure what to expect when we challenged all of you to come up with your best form designs using Jotform’s Form Designer– you did not disappoint.

Our jaws dropped when we saw what happened when you bring together a simplified form designer with a pool of talented designers.

  • – 480. The number of amazing form designs submitted by contestants.
  • – 61. The number of countries from which beautifully designed forms were submitted.
  • – 14,875. The total worth of prize winnings to be handed out over the next few weeks.
  • – 7,500. The number of additional one dollar bills our grand prize winner can withdraw from their bank account after winning the Best Form Design.
  • – 24,576. Lines of CSS code written by the contestants.
  • – 1,024,790. Total pixel height of forms if you join them together. 5 times the Tower of Pisa.

With the help of a distinguished panel of judges, starting on Dec. 9 we’ll be gradually announcing winning forms in the following categories: Best Form, Best E-Commerce Form (sponsored by PayPal!), Best Survey Form, Best Contact Form, Best Mobile Form, User’s Choice Award, and the affectionately chosen Worst Form.

Vote for Users Choice Award! Image-1
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