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How the County of Marin is going paperless with Jotform Enterprise

Discover how The County of Marin is using Jotform Enterprise to digitize paper processes, manage event registration, and securely monitor community health.

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County of Marin

Saving time and money with digital forms



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County of Marin

County of Marin



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Use Cases:

Converting paper forms to digital, tracking equipment arrivals and depreciation, scheduling event registration with electronic payments, creating agricultural certification forms, integrating with third-party data storage and management systems, collecting COVID-19 information


With sprawling ocean views and rolling hills backed by the Golden Gate Bridge, the County of Marin sits just north of San Francisco and governs one of the most idyllic, desirable, and affluent places in the U.S.


The County of Marin needed fast, reliable online forms


After quickly deploying forms at scale in response to COVID-19 and automatically sending the information to its SQL database, the county found widespread uses for Jotform Enterprise across multiple departments. In addition to the large-scale digitizing of paper forms, these uses included tracking equipment usage, scheduling events and collecting payments, and using mobile forms in the field for reporting.


With Jotform Enterprise’s no-code, drag-and-drop form builder, multiple departments were able shift previously paper forms to digital. For instance, the agricultural department digitized 17 paper forms. Many of these forms, such as the organic food certification form, now use prefill to save time. Prefill ensures that farmers’ information is saved and automatically filled in for subsequent forms, saving time on manual input and reducing input errors.

Quickly deploying scheduling forms with Jotform Enterprise has become the norm for most departments at the County of Marin. Additionally, many departments are moving away from DocuSign in favor of native digital e-signatures from Jotform Sign, which are unlimited and available at no extra cost to all Jotform Enterprise users.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the County of Marin quickly created two screening forms in English and Spanish to track COVID-19 vaccinations and test results, at the request of the Department of Public Health.

The County of Marin is now integrating Jotform Enterprise with third-party data storage and management systems.

Leveraging no-code automation, organization-wide

Almost all of our departments use Jotform Enterprise. With the ease of the no-code interface, it’s become so popular that we are having trouble keeping up with demand.

Jiku Park

Information Technology Manager, County of Marin