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How Mike’s Bikes uses Jotform to drive sales

Learn how Jotform Enterprise helps the Mike’s Bikes collect data, boost marketing efforts, and collaborate between departments.

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Mike’s Bikes

Improving customer processes and sales

Store locations using Jotform for test ride forms


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Mike’s Bikes

Mike’s Bikes


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Collecting safety waivers with e-signatures, mobile offline form-filling, website integration, automation with Trello integration


Trusted by cycling enthusiasts throughout the Bay Area, Mike’s Bikes is a 14-location bike shop with a wide selection of bicycles, accessories, and expert staff.


Mike’s Bikes needed a way to automate safety waiver forms for test rides. Previously, customer information was collected on paper forms and needed to be manually input into the Mike’s Bikes CRM. These forms rarely made it into the system, though. Because of this, Mike’s Bikes was missing opportunities to follow up with potential customers.


Using Jotform, Mike’s Bikes created a quick, seamless digital safety waiver with an e-signature release for prospective test riders. Mike’s Bikes was able to leverage Jotform’s automation capabilities to integrate with Trello and automatically save customer information, allowing for easier follow-up and more accurate and convenient CRM management. Also, Jotform’s kiosk mode allowed Mike’s Bikes to use its waiver in-store, as well as on mobile devices out on the trail.


By shifting test ride waivers from paper to digital, Mike’s Bikes was able to better streamline its test ride processes. This saved customers time and saved Mike’s Bikes the hassle of manually collecting and entering information from paper forms.

Mike’s Bikes was able to significantly improve sales by integrating Jotform with Trello to automatically track customer information and facilitate follow-up outreach. Before Jotform, the sales team needed to manually input customer information from paper forms. Now, customer contact information from test ride waivers automatically populates in Trello.

With Jotform’s offline form-filling capabilities, Mike’s Bikes was able to more effectively facilitate offsite test rides. When hosting weekly rides out on the trails, away from an internet connection, Mike’s Bikes used mobile forms and kiosk mode to make it easy for customers to fill out test ride forms. After experiencing success using Jotform for external-facing customer forms, Mike’s Bikes is expanding its use to internal forms for human resources.

Less time. Less paper. More sales.

Now that we are using online forms with Jotform, people are more willing to do test rides. Filling out paper forms was not fun for riders or staff. It was also a waste of paper.

Justin Lamb

Director of Marketing, Mike’s Bikes